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All About Me

No description

Danielle Hartman

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of All About Me

Danielle Janene Hartman The Day I was Born
July 27, 1995 What is in a Name?? How Old Am I? Stress-O-Meter U.S. President-Bill Clintion
Vise President- Al Gore
People with the same birthday:
1948 - Peggy Fleming San Jose Cal, ice figure skater (Olympic-gold-1968)
1944 - Bobbie Gentry Mississippi, what did Billi-Jo throw off the bridge
1922 - Norman Lear TV writer/producer (All in The Family)

Gender: Feminine

Usage: French, English

Pronounced: dan-YEL [key]

French feminine form of DANIEL. It has been commonly used in the English-speaking world only since the 20th century. You are 14 years old...

or 177 months old
or 769 weeks old
or 5,389 days old
or 129,348 hours old
or 7,760,937 minutes old
or 465,656,246 seconds old

and your next birthday celebration is in:
89 days 11 hrs 2 mins 35 secs. Just ME singing
listining to music
hanging with friends
and many more..........
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