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Connecting Learning

No description

saul graydon

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Connecting Learning

light of illumination, candle or mirror?
Passive or active?
accentuate the positive
How to square the circle?
Improving learning
through observation

Plan & Prepare
Joint observe/teach
What are you looking for?
Guiding principles
• It is a joint venture to learn from each other in a way which is collaborative and non-judgemental
• We all have something to share and we can all learn from each other
• We will commit to the 3 sessions and not look to rearrange or see it as time which not valuable

Good lessons feature:
1 high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils (part1)
- Level-led learning objectives are visible and revisited during the lesson
- an engaging starter activity which is linked to the objectives
- activities which challenge and support everyone

2 well-structured lessons (part2)
- new learning that follows on from previous learning
- activities which challenge and enable students to reflect on the progress made
- students taking a responsible and conscientious attitude to work and study.
- students having thinking time when answering questions

3 good progress and outcomes from students (part 3)
- a variety of activities that enable progress and cater for different learning styles
- clear explanation about where students are, where they should be and how to get there
- technology being used in order to enhance learning
- regular specific feedback
- effective use of lesson time

4 good assessment and outcomes from students (part 4)
- allow students to reflect on the progress they have made
- students know where they are, where they should be and how to get there
- homework set according to the homework timetable
- students knowing how their learning will progress next lesson
- an activity at the end of the lesson which enabled students to show what they have learnt

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