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Themes of 12 Angry Men

No description

Amy Deprey

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Themes of 12 Angry Men

Themes of 12 Angry Men
Racial prejudice: accused = minority (undefined)
9th Juror refers to accused as "one of them"
Preconceived notions, irrational ideas
3rd Juror prejudiced against accused because of age
8th juror uses "reverse prejudice"
Is he innocent or guilty?
Would that information take away from the TRUE message:
Justice and right prevails over irrationality
Is our system just?
One Against Many
8th juror against all
10th Juror shouts, "Boy-oh-boy! There's always one"
Act of bravery
Standing up against group to do what's right
Ending is a chilling reversal.
To 3rd juror, 8th Juror points out, "It's eleven to one...you're alone."
Social Class
Jury = cross-section of American life
Wealthy stock broker (4th Juror) vs. someone who lived in the slums (5th Juror)
Every level of working man in between
7th Juror reports his income of $28,000.
Boy's poor upbringing = possible explanation for juvenile criminal record
American justice system MUST see past classes!
Ultimate objective: complete "grave responsibility" determine young man's innocence or guilt
Evaluate heart of the American justice system
Perspective #1: favors accused, wants fair shot
Perspective #2: accused is guilty, conviction and execution is justice
Each character wants "justice".
Justice becomes unclear and fluid.
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