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Integrated Performance Assessment

ACTFL Integrated Performance Assessment in the World Language Classroom

Wendy Brownell

on 22 October 2010

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Transcript of Integrated Performance Assessment

Integrated Performance Assessment What is Integrated Performance Assessment? Why use performance assessments? How do we score performance assessments? Review of National Standards Interpersonal
oral conversation
written correspondence
unscripted, unrehearsed Interpretive
reading comprehension
listening comprehension Presentational
oral or written presentation
rehearsed, polished
has gone through self and peer editing process
has an audience ACTFL Performance Guidelines 6 domains
language control
vocabulary use
communication strategies
cultural awareness student samples Authentic Materials
"Real-world" Context Data "Homework: A few practice arrows" scoring guides/rubrics Feedback to students www.carla.umn.edu/assessment/VAC/index.html A Vision Novice Learner Intermediate Learner Advanced Learner Superior Learner Common Formative and Summative Assessments responds to simple questions on the most common features of daily life conveys minimal meaning by using isolated words, memorized phrases and some personalized recombinations of words and phrases able to satisfy a very limited number of immediate needs participates in simple, direct conversations on generally predictable topics related to daily activities and personal environment creates with the language by combining language elements in discrete sentences and strings of sentences obtains and gives information by asking and answering questions satisfies simple personal needs and social demands to survive in the target language culture narrates and describes in major time frames with good control of aspect participates actively in conversations in most informal and some formal settings on topics of personal and public interest deals effectively with unanticipated complications through a variety of communicative devices satisfies the demands of work and/or school situations participates fully and effectively in conversations in formal and informal settings on topics related to practical needs and areas of professional and/or scholarly interests discusses topics concretely and abstractly; able to explain and defend opinions and develop hypotheses maintains a high degree of linguistic accuracy satisfies the linguistic demands of professional and/or scholarly life wendybrownell.wikispaces.com
wbrownell@camdentonschools.org Review of Proficiency Guidelines A Vision
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