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No description

Toni Do

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Lilith

Lilith Deborah Drattell Old Testament Dead Sea Scrolls More than 900 scrolls found in the Qumran Desert Oldest known biblical account dating back to 150 BCE! Cast Adam Son

Lauren Flanigan Eve Lilith Things that make people

Religion Sex Lies Murder Rape Politics Feminism Demons Talmud A record of rabbinic discusstion
pertaining to Jewish law, scripture,
history, and philosophy. c. 200 Most scholarly information on
Lilith is found here. Zohar Commentary on the mystical
aspects of scripture c. 1200 Primary source of the
Kabbalah movement Sources The
Lilith: Both man and woman are created from dust.
Lilith doesn't want to always be on the bottom.
Adam forces her beneath him.
Lilith is pissed and flies away
G-d sends 3 angels to retrieve Lilith
She refuses and the angels curse her
Adam is lonely and complains
G-d creates Eve from his rib to avoid further issues Lilith is jealous of eve

She tricks Eve into eating the forbidden friut (in snake form)

Adam and Eve are banished from the garden
Adam felt guilty and fasted for 130 years

He did not sleep with Eve during this time

Lilith still loved him and raped him while he slept

She bore hundreds of demon children with him Marcus DeLoach Eve David Stephen Cohen Anne Bogart
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