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Spreading Rumours

No description

Josiah Tjiong

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Spreading Rumours

Source of Support
Tell about this problem to her parents
Ask a teacher on how to respond to bullyng
Call police if the situation is getting out of hand
Can seek help in organizations:
PACER Centre
Stomp Out Bullying
On the websites there are help chat lines that you can access
Maintaining Positive Relationships
Have a short conversation with Jane and ask how she is going
Talk to former friends and have a nice conversation of what has been happening lately
After short conversations continue to talk and politely ask questions of why and how this has happened
Talk about what you like and have in common
The Problem & How the Power is Imbalanced
Many Rumours have been spread about Amelia and she is bullied heavily
Imbalance of Power:
Jane and her friends have a lot of power in this case and have used it to hurt Amelia
Effects on the Problem for Each Person
Effects on Amelia:
Is emotionally effected- feels devastated without any support
Is mentally effected- believes what other people say about her
Is socially effected- does not have any friends because everyone thinks she is weird and a freak

Power in Relationships
Spreading Rumours

Advice for Each Person
By Josiah Tjiong
Effects on the Problem for Each Person
Effects on Jane:
Socially effected- She has more friends because everyone hates Amelia
Mentally effected- Sense of satisfaction because everyone is on the same page (hating Amelia)
Emotionally effected- Because of this problem she feels happy because everyone is supporting her

Advice for Amelia:
Tell parents and a trusted adult of what has happened
Have short conversations with Jane and former friends
Be honest and be yourself in front of everyone
Advice for Jane:
Do not bully Amelia and do not talk behind her back
Get to know who she is before judging her
Advice for Each Person
Advice for witnesses:
Do not judge Amelia for who she is
Respect who she is
Get to know Amelia better by talking to her
Advice for parents:
Take care of Amelia
Take time-off work to spend time with their children
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