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No description

Dejah Myers

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Hippies

Love and Sex Open relationships
Group sex,
Public sex (exhibitionists),
Homosexuality Culture and Lifestyle of
Hippies Dejah and Dakota
B4/5 Origin of Hippies Originated on college campuses to reject the mores of the mainstream american life.The movement rose in opposition to the U.S involvement in the Vietnam War Politics Feminism
Teenagers of the baby boom generation
Against Vietnam War
Gay rights Drugs Important Events Woodstock of 1969 Kent state massacre Anti War Protest Stonewall Effect in Modern Day LSD
Didn't really drink Spirituality Many hippies rejected mainstream organized religion
Buddhism and Hinduism
Free spirits Music psychedelic/folk music
The Beatles
Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
The Who, Bob Dylan
Jimi Hendrix
Carole King
Bob Marley Hipsters
Couples feel free to travel and live together
More openness regarding sexual mattersMusic Festivals sunglasses
organic cloth
peace signs
bell-bottom jeans
sandals or no shoes at all Clothes Gay liberation
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