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Cafe Liberries

Business Plan Presentation

Dennis Tsui

on 10 August 2010

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Transcript of Cafe Liberries

Cafe Liberries My Deal 30% of my company Asking for $200,000 Advertisement
Supplies Equipment Unique Menu Coffee Apple Cobbler Awesome Apricot Bananas Foster Blueberry Cobbler Flavored Coffee Caramel Apple Cherry Creme Flavored Coffee Chocolate Cherry Flavored Coffee Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee Coconut Crush Cranberry Creme Hawaiian Hazelnut Flavored Coffee Orange Creme Raspberry Almond Pastries Chocolate Eclair Doughnuts Pain Au Chocolat Apricot tart Cannoli Apple Pie Beverages Jones Coca Cola Iced Tea Sprite Vitamin Water Dr.Pepper The Way to Success... The Price Avg. of 9,000 Avg. Prices Competition Starbucks The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Dunn Bros Coffee Unlimited Consumers 150 million Americans Coffee Drinkers Preferences 50, 917 students Est. 650,000 298,732 residents 300,814 employees What Attracts Customers Interior Design Art Display Kitchen View Floor Plan Coffee Bar Corner View The Artist Signing the Contract 15% from each piece of art work Two Month Display Haadi Shuaib Amelia Carr Scarlet Taylor Anthony Sage Mike Rushka Couch Area Environmentally Friendly Compostable Added into the price of product $15-20 Half of the proceed goes to... Why this coffee shop.... A New and Special Enviroment Great Location University of New York Campus Washington Square Park Offices & Local stores Modern Relaxing Comfortable Marketing Towards Coffee consumption by country Percentage of Importing Coffee beans Coffee Consumed by Age and Time Young adults Cheese Danish Apple Turnover Avg. Pocket Money Front End The Financials... Aiming to get... Operations and Production Plan Suppliers Supplies to Starbucks,Ellis,Maxwell House,Folgers, Eight O'Clock,Wawa and Melitta Since 1993 and continues to grow Going GREEN Reducing Promote Control Measure Check fridge and storage No left overs Strict checks for Personal hygiene Work Areas Steady Increase Income Statement The Plan of Action Money Today 2) Ordering Equipment Advertise Café Liberries Setting up the shop 1) Sign contract with supplier Creating a Bank Account for Café Liberries Prepare shop for grade opening Grade opening Finish renovation
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