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A Rose for the ANZAC Boys Jackie French

No description

Madeline Odgers

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of A Rose for the ANZAC Boys Jackie French

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys
Jackie French A Rose for the ANZAC Boys is a story about three young girls wanting to 'do their bit' in the war, but instead get sent on a journey of self dicovery, love, pain, triumph and terror. CHARACTERS. ~Midge Machperson
~Harry Harrison
~Ellen Harrison "Suddenly Harry speakes up. He was smilling too. Miss it had been so long since i saw my boy smile. he says I knew a Rose but she wasn't with the Red Cross. And we all stared because like I told you, miss, Harry has never said a single word since he came home. I said who is she Harry? And like I should have known, She's Rose Machperson of Glen Donal in new Zealand. And then he said I hear the guns still all the time. Rose would understand. I said what about the gunns Harry? And he said, Can't speak over the guns. Rose knows. And that is all he said. He stopped smiling Miss. He went away again."
Mrs Ellen Harrison, letter to Midge. Author. Jackie French. plot It has a very simple plot line, except for the very first chapters and the very last chapters, written in Lachlans perspevtive
Quite a few twists in the plot with unexpected events happening, however these events quite dramatically change the direction of the book Symbols and what they mean to the book. ~The Rose
~Glenn Donnal ~1st person
~Letters at the start of most chapters. Narative styles Issues "Glen Donal. Home. It was an ache and absence in the heart. The scent of rough grass and the sharp tinny smell of snow from the mountains, the dangling arms of the willow trees, the neat lines of Mummy's rose garden, the flowers more flamboyant than any Midge had seen in England."
Chapter 1, Midge. "Pa saluted again. For a moment he didn't look like an old man. His movements were as crisp as lettuce. 'A rose for the Anzac boys,' said Pa, a bit too loudly. 'Rest in peace my rose'"
Lachan's Pa on ANZAC day in their town. ~Tim's missing letter Thank you for watching my presentation.
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