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Human and Natural Systems

No description

kelly qin

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Human and Natural Systems

Sewage System Postage System Wooded Areas Wildlife Don Valley River Heavy Snow Transportation System Infrastructure System Education System SYSTEMS Geography Systems Assignment
Kelly Qin The school office can
recieve letters and
important notices from
a post office Heavy snow can affect the efficency
of the delivery of mail, block drainers,
cause snow days and block traffic. Infrastructure can affect the
enviornment such as cutting
down trees and destroying widlife
habitats. It also affects transportation
because it can cause closures. Wooded areas are
home to a lot of wildlife Transportation can allow us to get from place to place. It helps us to get to school, and transports materials to construction sights. It also helps deliver mail. Sewage systems help drain excess
water such as snow.
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