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Ruby Bridges Sam

No description

Sam VanHorn

on 23 February 2018

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Transcript of Ruby Bridges Sam

Sam VanHorn
Ruby Bridges
Road to Success
Her Courage
"Please, God, try to forgive these people because even if they say those bad things, they don't know what they're doing. So you could forgive them, just like you did those folks a long time ago when they said terrible things about you."
Her Prayer
William Frantz Elementary
The First Day
Ruby Bridges at age 6.
Protestors spit and yelled at Ruby
Her Teacher
Protestors wanted to kill Ruby
Ruby walking to school with federal marshals
Ruby walking into school
Recent Picture of Ruby and her old teacher
Ruby's Classroom
Ruby with her new friends
People would burn crosses as warnings to Negroes
It takes courage to do what she did
Ruby travels to teach people that everyone is equal
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