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Creative Thinking

A one day creativity session, focussing on tools and techniques for creative thinking, and delivered to postgraduate research students.

Nathan Ryder

on 22 June 2010

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Transcript of Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking Reversal lasreveR Random Word
Provocation Divergent Thinking
Convergent Thinking Perspectives The Bistro Mouse Trap What is this? Six Thinking Hats Nine dots WELCOME! Creative Thinking Nathan Ryder 1 2 4 8 16 32... 2 3 5 7 11 13... ...x y z...? 1 2 3 4 5 6... a b c d e f... Patterns "the process of having original ideas that have value"
Sir Ken Robinson Creativity = Spencer Silver Arthur Fry Minnesota Mining
and Manufacturing
Corporation "Creative thinking is a skill that can be practised and nurtured."
Edward de Bono Three Things divergent thinking
breaking patterns
movement value Connect the nine dots with four straight lines House of cards A man has been plagued in his house with mice for months. He has tried professionals; he has tried standard traps; he has tried humane traps... But within a few days the pests return.

Being creative he decides to take care of the problem himself: how can he build a better mouse trap? Theodore Sturgeon "90% of everything is crud!" Redefine the Problem How can we redefine the problem? Movement Value "Insight, creativity and humour are so elusive because the mind is so efficient. The mind functions to create patterns out of its surroundings. As the patterns are used they become ever more firmly established."
Edward de Bono "What can we do to get more customers through our door?" Fish National Novel
Writing Month A B C D E F

G What can we do about the lack of social space for postgraduates? How do we build a postgraduate community at Bangor? What steps can be taken to increase postgraduate motivation? Questions What is conceptually bound in the term "Fish"? Separating thinking out Redefining creative discussion A broad format for thinking The White Hat
Information The Green Hat
Creativity The Red Hat
Feelings The Yellow Hat
Benefits The Black Hat
Risks The Blue Hat
Control "What can we do to get less customers through our door?" ??? ??? saedI = Reversed
desreveR Ideas ??? ??? Reverse the ideas! What steps can be taken to increase postgraduate motivation? Reverse This! How do we build a postgraduate community at Bangor? Go Fish! The government finds a spare £1 billion. What should it spend the money on? Think Fish! What can we do about the lack of social space for postgraduates? Get Random Where does this lead you? Breaking Connections
Making Connections White Hat Red Hat What do we want? Luxury; a break;
culture; sightseeing;
relaxation; an adventure; we can speak the language... Green Hat Let's get some ideas! France; Italy; Vietnam;
Thailand; Japan; New York;
Las Vegas; Washington DC;
Wales; Edinburgh; Florida;
Australia; Iceland; Sweden... Ask The
Experts! Fitting dentures
to ladybirds The employment policies of
miniature elephants in 19th
century Bangor Emotional therapy
for hedgehogs Manufacturing cardboard
cruise ships Exercise your imagination! Red Hat Does anything not match? Yellow Hat Black Hat Red Hat What are the benefits of going
to this place? What doesn't this provide?
Why might this not be good? Look at the thinking,
what stands out?
Which options shall we explore? Blue Hat What are the front runners?
What comes next? When? How much?
What do we want?
What's it for? Information - what do we know? Where shall we go
on honeymoon? What matches our criteria? What else do we get if go to place X? Where doesn't this meet our needs? Why might this be a bad place to go to? The format guided us to a few simple choices from our many ideas Parallel thinking Question Postgraduate Researchers are
essential for a university's
research profile, and come
from all over the world?

How can the university give an
effectve induction for students
who arrive throughout the year? Process Control How will we structure
this session? Generating Ideas Benefits and
Opportunities Intuition, Instincts Caution: Risks What idea do we want
to develop? Process Control Using any means
Lots of ideas,
don't judge them! Why might this be
a good idea?
What other advantages
does it have? Why might this be a bad idea?
What could go wrong?
What negative effects might there be? Look at the points you've drawn out.
Which ideas stand out as particularly good? Have we got what
we wanted?

If not, repeat
some steps. Have an idea (or several).

Can now use different series of Six Thinking Hats steps to develop idea(s) further. Six Thinking Hats pointers Everyone participates
Points not under the right hat should be put to one side for later
Have someone chairing the session
Use a timer or timekeeper to keep each element to time Format Part 1 White Hat (1 min)
Green Hat (3 mins)
Red Hat (1 min) Part 2 Blue Hat (1 min)
Yellow Hat (1 min/idea)
Black Hat (1 min/idea) Part 3 Red Hat (1 min)
Green Hat (2 mins)
Blue Hat (1 min) What If? (the big question!) Start with
a problem List your
assumptions What if they
were different??? Where does
this take us? What can we do to improve the
PhD research degree? Problem What assumptions or properties
do we take "as read"? What could be different? Where does this lead us? Assumptions What If? Ideas! What If...? Divergent Thinking Disrupting Patterns Movement Value of Ideas Random Provocation Reversal Redefining
the problem Six Thinking Hats Ask
"What If?" Put your Green Hat on! What do you want ideas for?
1 minute White Hat defining problem/situation.
3 minutes of Green Hat group ideas! The movement value of ideas
is extremely powerful. Tjflex2
hey mr glen
dee_gee Pantonality
mela sogono
Vanessa Pike-Russell Photo Credits All Flickr users, all photos
under Creative Commons licenses
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