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Fairy Tale - Sleeping Beauty

No description

Sophia Lee

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Fairy Tale - Sleeping Beauty

Fairy Tale - Sleeping Beauty
Four Versions of
Sleeping Beauty
When the queen sat in the bath, a crab foretell to the queen about the Briar Rose.
The king prepared 12 golden plates for fairies
Special Features
A girl called Talia was predicted to be slept for thousands years if she was wounded by the spindle. It came true.
Many years later, a king found out Talia, who he believed to fell asleep, and impregnated her.
Nine months later, she delivered 2 babies, Sun & Moon.
They sucked her fingers so strongly that she woke up.
The queen suspected her husband, king, as he called Talia, Sun & Moon when he slept.
The queen made a plant to eat the children and burn Talia in fire, but the King appeared suddenly & rescued them
Talia got married to him & live happily ever after.
A crab predicted the fate of Princess Briar- Rose
A fairy was not invited and cursed Briar Rose
When Briar-Rose was 15, she completed the curse accidentally.
Many prince failed to rescue her.
A prince knew the story & rescued her.
The prince and Briar Rose got married & lived happily ever after.
King & Queen welcomed the birth of Princess Aurora.
3 good fairies came to celebrate her birth.
An evil fairy - Maleficent appeared & cursed the princess.
The 3 fairies took Aurora away and hided in forest.
Aurora fell in love with Prince Phillip instantly.
Aurora completed the curse.
Phillip overcame all the obstacles & awoke Aurora.
They live happily ever after.
1. Sun, Moon, and Talia (1634) by Giambattista Basile

2. Sleeping Beauty In The Wood (1697) by Charles Perrault

3. Little Briar-Rose (1812) by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm

4. Film (1959) by Walt Disney

Sleeping Beauty is actually divided into 2 parts: Before and After the Princess wakes up
Giambattista and Charles' version included 2 parts
Girmn's and Disney's version included part 1 only.
The king & queen welcomed the birth of their first daughter.
Seven fairies were invited to come.
An evil fairy who was not invited cursed the princess to be dead of a wound caused by a spindle
The last good fairy declared that the princess would fall asleep.
15 years later, the princess completes the curse.
The prince found and kissed her. They got married and had 2 children.
They backed to the prince's country as his father was sicked
The prince's mother made a plan to eat the children when the prince was not at the castle.
The plan failed, so she planned to throw them into the tub being filled with snakes and toads.
The prince, now became a King, appeared and rescued them.
Be a beautiful girl & wait for your king.
Love him at any price, although he got married. If you are lucky, someday he will love you.
Negative Side
Talia fell asleep & waited for someone else to save her.
-> It does not encourage audience to try doing something to save his or her self when she is in danger like Talia.
Talia easily fell in love with a King, although he raped her when she was unconscious. In real life, it is crime.

Do not sleep for a long time
Be brave
Do not discriminate others
Intended Audience:
Not for kids
Sun, Moon & Talia
Special Feature
- The mother in law is an antagonist of the version.
The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood
Intended audience
: Not for kids
- Charles Perrault followed Giambattista Basile so his story includes the second part.

Talia is not a princess
Talia woke up as her children sucked her finger.
The King did not love Talia for the first time they meet.
He got married to an evil Queen, and she is an antagonist of the story, not a evil fairy

Instant love
Waiting for someone else to save his or her self.
Kissing dead people.
The mother in law character makes a story more realistic
Little Briar Rose
Special Features
1959 Disney Film
Video - Once Upon A Dream
Special Features
Many Magical elements
Positive Side:
Harmful Side:
Negative Side:
Healthy Side:
Harmful Side:
The idea of true love
e.g. Princess Aurora & Prince Phillip
e.g. true love kiss
Happy ending
Gender stereotype
e.g. Image of Aurora & Phillip
Strive for true love
e.g. Prince Phillip tried his best to rescue Princess Aurora
e.g. The King & Queen burnt all the spindles to save Aurora's life
Disney films is designed for kids
magical elements --> ideal
e.g. instant love
Original Versions is not for kids
story line --> realistic
Intended Audience
Kids =)
- Be a good person so that you will be helped whenever you are in danger. Ex: Falling asleep or being harmed by an evil Queen
The princess and prince describe as always beautiful and handsome.
It can cause look- ism for kids who read this story
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