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Ideology of Capitalism

No description

Malcolm Peterson

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Ideology of Capitalism

Ideologies of Capitalism
By Malcolm Peterson
Calvinism influence on Capitalism
The idea of predestination
The belief of a calling
Invested money to further their obligations to God
The Protestant Ethic
"The only way of thinking acceptably to God was not to surpass worldly morality in monastic asceticism, but solely through the fulfillment of the obligations imposed upon the individuals by his position in the world that was his calling."- quote by Martin Luther
What is capitalism?
Simply put, capitalism is the idea of using wealth to produce wealth
In order to generate wealth, one must invest money to make money
Ex: Lending money for interest
Where is it seen?
More influential in America and western Europe
Evidence of capitalism emerging first appeared in the late middle ages, notably around the 13th century
Merchants could be seen as individual success stories particularly in the 15th century
The Shaping of Capitalism
During the 16th century the reformation movement occurred
Max Weber analyzed the development of capitalism in his book
The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
The protestant ethic allowed two main characteristics of modern capitalism to flourish
Joint stock companies
The development of factories
Capitalism in Modern Day Society
Daniel Bell
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