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Gathering Blue Jo Presentation

No description

Nick Schopp

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Gathering Blue Jo Presentation

WALTeR Characterization of Jo
Kira's Decision & The Future
1. Might be
able to unite
the villages.
1. Does not
get to live with
her dad yet.
2. Might be able
to overthrow the
Council of Edifice.
2. Does not get
to see her father
3. Gets to stay with
her friends.
Kira's Decision & The Future (Cont.)
I agree with Kira's decision because she will probably get the best of both worlds. Eventually, if everything goes as planned, Kira's will unite with her dad's and every problem will be solved. This affects Jo because Kira will be available to help her and keep her safe. So for Jo, it is definetly better.
Personality Traits
Jo is a short little girl and is smaller than Matt
She is only a small Tyke, she is very young
Jo is from the Fen, so she isn't that educated.
She is overall enthusiastic and fairly cheerful.
When Jo is brought to the counsel, she seems afraid at first but then she becomes more comfortable after Kira and Thomas make her feel welcome.
She is very talented when it comes to singing.
Figurative Language
Kira's Society
Our Society

Democratic (U.S)

We have Blue (color)

We know of other societies (other countries)

More Laws

1. W: "Please, I want me mum." (Lowry 166) This quote shows that Jo is lonely.
3. W: "I could thump with the hairbrush iffen I needed." (Lowry 187) This quote shows that Jo is happy to have Kira to help her.
2. W and A: "No, don't!" she cried out pushing Kira's hand away. (Lowry 166) This action and quote shows that Jo is scared and has the sensation that everyone wants to hurt her.
4. W: "They always be making me learn new ones." (Said scowling, Lowry 167) This quote shows that Jo is annoyed with the Council of Edifice because they keep making her learn new songs.
5. A: "She raised one hand and waggled her fingers at the audience." (Lowry 200) This action shows that Jo is still the little tyke on the inside even though she acts very tough on the outside.
A journal entry
Plot Diagram
Today is the day of the Gathering. I feel proud because today all of my hard work on the robe will be shown off. They will announce my name, and I will stand, and they will tell everybody that I worked on the robe. I am excited and a little nervous. Over my past years, I have been bored out of my mind by the Gathering. But this year I actually want to listen to the song and really come to understand it because I studied the robe and I know the events, but I want to know them in more depth. Also I’m a little worried about Matt because he hasn't returned from his “adventure” yet. I wonder where he is.
"The cheif guardian nd other councel members ignored the outburst as if it were merely an annoying insect that had finally been swatted away." - (Lowry 56)

"It's why I understand the way the cloth speaks to you. The wood speaks to me in the same ay. It reassures me"- (Lowry 117)

" The boxes and ornaments that were on his worktable, beautiful in their own way, were much simpler than his small intricate piece." -(Lowry 117)

Sensory Language-Sight:
"Then complex, whirling patches of fire: reds, oranges, and yellows. Here and there these patterns occured on the robe in a repetative pattern of ruin. An in between, stitched patterns of bright destructive threads of fire"- (Lowry 131)

Less laws

They do not know of
other societies

They do not have the
color blue

More fredom

Less powerfull people

More powerful Government
Social Classes


Citezens have a say
in government
Simile: The cheif guardian and other councel members ignored the outburst as if it was a
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