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Let America Be America Again

No description

Alexis DeShane

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Let America Be America Again

"Let America Be America Again"
Poem by Langston Hughes
Literary Device # 1
He uses the phrase, "Let America Be America Again" over and over again to show his strong want for America to finally live up to it's name. I chose this American Flag picture because our nations flag represents freedom, and by what Hughes is saying, not all of us are actually experiencing freedom like we should be.
He repeats the words "I am" to show he represents the people. He's speaking out for the one's who work and work and work to receive nothing out of it and they are angry about it.
He puts the phrases, "homeland of the free" in quotations to show he is being sarcastic. He honestly doesn't think that, he thinks the opposite of it.
Literary Device #2
"I am the young man, full of strength and hope, " . When you read that you picture exactly what it says, a strong young person that's full of hope.
Langston Hughes wrote this poem to get a point across that all the hard workers of America aren't getting the equal rights in which they deserve. They aren't able to live the American Dream and it's really unfair. Hughes wants America to become the land it's suppose to be, and finally live up to its name, the land of the free.
That is the theme of Langson Hughes poem, 'Let America Be America Again' . Hughes felt that us as Americans weren't getting treated how we are suppose to and are not able to live up to the American Dream in the land of the free. He feels we are getting robbed of our right to equality.
Hughes uses a lot of repetition in this poem. He uses this method in order to get his point across.
By:Alexis DeShane period 5. 11/10/14
I chose this picture because these people are clearly hard works and they don't look the slightest bit happy.
Langston uses alliteration a few times through his poem to emphasize that certain point he's making.
He uses, "Let America be the

" to convey the readers understanding of how badly people wanted to experience the American Dream.
I chose this picture because it says the American Dream and that's what the people dreamed of.
An other alliteration he uses is, "From those who


on peoples
,". He's putting emphasis on the problems people go through in life. It's hard to make the problems go away, just like leeches are hard to take off.
Literary Device #3
Hughes also uses imagery to help the reader visualize how those people feel/ what they went through.
When he says, "I am the Negro bearing slavery's scares" you picture a slave who's been worked extremely hard and has all these scares. The slave doesn't have a smile on his face either, he's been going through pain and torture.
I chose that picture because it shows slaves getting worked hard and they have scares on their backs from getting whipped.
I chose this picture because this little girl with cancer still smiles and has lots of hope that one day she will beat cancer.
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