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sarah o'brien

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of IGCSE POETRY

by Charlotte, Darya and Pranali
A Birthday
The Woodspurge
Theres an intense rhyme scheme in each line which shows the intense emotion of someone who is dealing with deep sorrow, depression and unhappiness.
Pike is a poem in that does a contrast between animals and humans. It shows us how judgemental we are how we try and push our traits onto animals despite is being our human nature and not there's.
The poet uses a lot of variation, including "p" sounds which are plosives. The short snappy sentences mirror the choppy movements of the pike in the water. The poet uses assonance, e.g. "the jaws' hooked clamp and fangs". The words sound brutal which you don't associate with elegant creatures.
Hunting Snake
Plays on the idea how nature can just hit you with something remarkable.
Finding beauty in unexpected places, nature surprises man.
Continuous rhyming rhythm to imitate the horses hooves.
Pied Beauty
Journey of a cockroach: journey of a man's life
The poem tries to explore reasons why things happen but sometimes they are as random as a poem being about
a cockroach.

Pied: everything that is; tainted, dappled, unique or unusual has beauty.
Cockroach connects humanity to a spiritual dimension, like reincarnation, which is what he writes at the end. He can see human features in the insect.
Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge
words such as 'silent' and 'bare', when used to describe a city, contrast with the usually busy idea of London.
contradiction between 'touching' which is quite personal and 'majesty' which is normal associated with royalty. Which creates the idea of distance
'Who knows how?'
The world is a mystery but its good not to know where things come from as this means we can't say what is and isnt beautiful.
A passionate poem about new beginnings, when the poet finds love she is re-born and wasn't alive until now. "The birthday of my life".
In an ABAB rhyme scheme.
There is a cross between the real world and the imagination, this is linked to the authors striving between his poetic thoughts and feelings that are continuously blocked by his logical/realistic mind.
'the river glideth at its own sweet will'-personification of the Thames
The words the poet uses sound delicate and luxurious, she uses words which represent smoothness and sound superior. "Vair and purple dyes" and "thickset fruit" are examples of these.
The poem is about how nature makes man-made structures beautiful and shows hows man is part of nature and this ties in with the views and ideas of the romantics
"bright clouds dusted (query) by the moon, one's mine the other's and adversary" - his poetic self is blocked by his realistic mind.
He uses words such as 'jog, circling, climbed' which is thought to be human behaviours therefore it eliminates the insect aspect which adds to the idea of the journey of the cockroach and the journey of the mans life being the same.
Summer Farm
Everything needs a counterbalance in order to make us appreciate beauty. If everything conformed to one idea of perfection there would be no differentiation and everything would be boring and similar-we wouldn't appreciate it in the same way. You can't define perfection
Summer farm seems like a idyllic concept and landscape. In the last stanza represents two ideas. One is that he changes in a new person ever so often while developing on himself. The second idea could be that he is talking about how he has built up on what previous farmers have done prier to him.
The second stanza is about how there is different creatures with different perspectives. What may seem abnormal to us maybe the complete opposite for them e.g to us humans it seems as 'a hen stares at nothing' however the hen may see things that the human eye cant see because they look at the world in a different way.

Has loose, soft tone in the first verse with a continuous 8 syllable rhythm (apart from verse 12. The rhythm almost symbolizes a structured monotonous atmosphere - the author is bored - nothing to strive for/no motivation.
There is also a direct contrast in the first verse "the wind flapped loose, the wind was still" The wind is wild and has continuous movement (like life is continuously moving) to say that "the wind was still" is impossible. Wind never stops, in other words - the wind has disappeared. His life has shattered.
the use of enjambment replicates the continuity of time and how some things can flow over many moments.
Edwin Muir uses gentle, slow and calm adjectives. The words sound long when pronounced which are like the "lumbering" horses.
"shaken out dead" breaks the soft tone used before - it is abrupt. "Dead" also provides a negative connotation and reflects the poets mood.
Introduces the idea of reincarnation by saying that the cockroach could feel guilty of something he has done before.
the regular rhythm of the poem replicates the rhythm of a ticking clock-ties in with the theme of time
metaphor helps to connect humans and cockroaches
"Between my knees my forehead was" and "naked" both present the image of vulnerability. This ties in with the theme of suffering and loss and reveals the authors present state of mind - both physically and mentally.
the rhythm of the rhyme is the steady plod of hoove
Reincarnation is used as a metaphor.
Showing beauty in things which you dont expect, it shows that even simple things can contain beauty and that sometimes unspoken beauty is better appreciate din the moment.
About finding beauty in unexpected places as the title has negative connotations but it is then described as having "diamond scales" and therefore is portrayed as precious.
elongated, soft words such as 'lumbering' replicate the soft steady working rhythm of farm horses
"Stopped." is in the middle of the line, giving more emphasis on the word stop. It makes the reader stop reading.
Muir writes about the pre-Industrial Revolution use of working horses. There are many war-like images in this poem, 'conquering hooves', 'gleamed with a cruel apocalyptic light' which makes the transition to machinery from working animals seem like a battle.
If you look at life like an artist you will see past the pain and suffering you feel and learn to appreciate life. For example a simple weed can be made beautiful by looking closely and see that it has 'three cups in one' - a reference to the holy trinity.
City Planners
Homes are personified to show how she feels out of place and judged by the houses "too-fixed stare of the wide windows"

Juxtaposition between real world and imagination eg 'the chill' shows the real world breaking in.'
There is a bold contrast between this poet and other poets as he states "earth has not anything to show more fair" which implies nowhere more beautiful than London. (London was often associated with pollution etc. - not beautiful.)
Falling in love in profound but universal because everyone has a birthday. Love is shown to be a human right as everyone has a birthday.
Its an indefinite article, could happen to anyone, everyone has birthday, love is universal and inevitable.
The Woodspurge is a poem about loss. We can tell as in the last line of the first stanza, Rosetti writes "the wind was still" and when the wind is still, it often means it is gone. Here, it seems as though love is represented by the wind.
City planners is a poem about the front in which people put on in order to convince other people in the world that they live a prefect life. The city reflects the problems by disguising them as normal everyday life which had has a hidden story. 'a plastic hose poised in a vicious coil'. Something so simple has given been given an evil twist.
The rhyme scheme is in cuplets which shows it is regular and steady like the work at a farm, there is a routine to it.
You can admire nature but it'll change and move on.
"three inches long, perfect . . . . .killers from the egg" this quote shows the poets tentative language as he describes a pike being like a human - describing a true humans nature deep within.and the pike brings these statements to reality.

No pattern in the rhythm - very unpredictable, almost like the pikes sudden movements that are so quick. So hard to predict and so dangerous.
Personification of autumn - "under the autumn's gentlest sky" implies that nature is giving them this gift as it gives the gift of being able to admire the snake.
Describes the city as 'glittering' which shows it is precious beauty that won't last for ever; it's fleeting.
Alliteration is used to create a range of sounds throughout the poem. The 'fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls' sounds like the crunching and falling of leaves
By using the word 'rebuke' it shows that the perfect levelness shows up other sloppiness. The poet feels like she's the mess in a 'sanitary world.' She gives herself the outsider position, which shows she is trying to send a warning to people in the poem.
Uses a lot of similies, on every other line in the first stanza
"Praise him" - do not take things for granted , be thankful that God is behind the wonders and beauty of nature. God is still there, still present and continues bestowing the beauty that encircles all of our lives
"future cracks" - the quote is a warning. This implies that one day human actions will show. The city and houses will fall. Humanities actions will soon be recognized by the time it is too late- humanity will be no more.
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