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LIMS Extensions

No description

Robert Lake

on 16 July 2013

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Transcript of LIMS Extensions

Nautilus LIMS Extensions
What is a Nautilus Extension?
(And why do you care?)
Plug-in components written in .NET
Develop custom functionality not supported by Nautilus by default
Can be executed on an entity (e.g. a sample) or via the toolbar
Composite Aliquots
Opens a window where the user can select two aliquots and composite them together
This Hot Topic should act as an introduction to Nautilus Extensions in case I need you to review one/get hit by a bus!
PRC Sample Edit
User selects a range of samples and executes extension
Opens a window where the user can edit sample data
Result Selector
User can quickly call up sample data on a wide range of search parameters and perform actions on that data e.g. authorise these samples
Stocks and Standards
A range of extensions to mirror the lab's workflow for Stocks and Standards:
Bought in Stock
Login Blank Sample Demo
Extension to create a new "Blank Sample"
Ran on a "Blank Sample" stock template (e.g. VM Blank Sample)
Inherits group (e.g. Veterinary Medicines) from template
Allows input of Sample Type, Description and Expiration Date
Creates an authorised, working condition stock aliquot with the data defined above
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