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Yuva Unstoppable

No description

baljeet gujral

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Yuva Unstoppable

So Finally.....
Driving through we found that.....

" Volunteer Turnover "
one of the major problems that the NGO faces is that the volunteers after large marketing initiatives join the organization but do not continue to contribute for long
Statistical tools
But before we start lets see what we have done
we visited the yuvites (People at Yuva) thrice
Twice at their office at CG Road and once at the Gulbhai Takera Municipal School
We got 25 Questionnaires Filled by the staff at Yuva and the volunteers as well.
we were very well welcomed all the three times at yuva and appriciated for the work being done.
At the Muncipal School we saw the actual working of Yuva Volunteers.

So what does Yuva do ????...
Well basically we saw their working and found out that :-
Providing Education to the
under Privileged
is their main GOAL
Subsidiary Goals include making the

socially sensitized
Random acts of kindness to make the
society realize
there is a world that cares outside theirs'.

Different Programs of Yuva Unstoppable
Digital Literacy Program
English Unstoppable
A Corporate program
by the employees from different companies in support with Vodafone

Financial Literacy Program
In collaboration with HDFC Life Insurance
Scholarship Program
In Collaboration with Hdfc Bank and Delhi Public School Ahmedabad
Make your mother eSmile...:)
With Former President of India DR Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
In Collaboration with Microsoft Inc.
In the next five slides you will get a very quick and informing overview of all that Yuva has been doing to achieve its goals mentioned earlier................
Yuva faces number of problems being an NGO..
Like what
Have you heard of Yuva Unstoppable .....?
yea SOme what ....
i think.....
not quite sure....
yea its a youth club isn't it
its in Ahmedabad that's all i know..
are the responses of people.....
Can i borrow some money for a "noble Cause"
one of the major problems that yuva faces is that its not quite financially stable, as is quite evident from the type of Organization it is an "NGO......"
Do You have time to teach this child.....
i am quite busy ....sorry......:(

Where is a change required ??
Whom should we talk to ??
Where should we find about them ??
how should we talk to them ???
and multiple questions arise......
"management of time such that the volunteers schedule is not hampered......."
the biggest challenge that the NGO is facing is .......
"Volunteer Turnover"
the Yuva Back Stage
the various departments that make it happen....
Human Resource Department
Managing Volunteer intake and volunteer activities
Branding and Advertizing
works to make people know about Yuva and the Managing its tie ups ....
bringing the social changes made by Yuva into notice
Research and Development
The designing of curriculum and working on the other activities to be conducted for social changes ...
Works on the Yuva Mantra- Ispiring kindness
Operations Department
Works on management of the time and place for the activities to be conducted
Finance Department
"the HR Department"
while recruitment the promises made are not being fulfilled
the recruitment process is too lengthy
the promotions that the volunteers get are again a long and complicated process
employed volunteers do not have time.
Reasons for the problem
suggestion box
Recruitment process is to be simplified
branding team should take proper care on the promises made
promotion process should be motivating
special provisions should be made for employed volunteers
the branding department
over hyping of the work being done.
the communication of the different events that require volunteer involvement is not being done in the best way.
Is not able to sensitize the youth to keep working
why this is happening ??
we think .....
they should convey the actual over the ethereal
the communication chain should be maintained in a proper manner
they should conduct more activities involving the volunteers that sensitize them and bond them to such social work.
The Research & Development Department
Ok so this happened because....
The curriculum could be better
the leadership and anger management qualities are not visible as promised.
the Random acts of Kindness are not very attractive
well established
good volunteer base
government support
corporate engagement
financial backing
famous just in Ahmadabad
lack of coordination
student base of the country
professionals base of the country
Positive growth in the corporate sector
different NGOs coming up like AIESEC
Social Forums of the colleges and schools
Descending Trend
the curriculum could be changed so that the volunteers find it interesting and have their own development as well
make the work to be done a little more attractive
social impact
which is measured should be informed to the volunteers

and to meet up this challenge
Operations Department
what did they do ??
well, lets see
time of the activities is not flexible
locations vary and are not to the convenience of the volunteers
Random Acts of Kindness are not conducted as often as expected by the volunteers
bureaucracy in management results in ignorance of the problems faced by the workforce
Finance Department
where did they lack ?
no issues they can
Lack of financial incentives for the volunteers, since there is usually Weak financial soundness of the NGOs in India

The allocation of funds is not prioritized in making the bond between organization & volunteer stronger.

Lack of allocation of funds to make their workplace a better place to work.
They already do this but a little more of attracting sponsors is required

The volunteer organization bond is to be included in the main planning process of the organization and a proper investment on this is a must.

Again to improve the workplace infrastructure they need to invest and this investment needs to be planned
this department as the name suggests takes care of the money in's and out's of the NGO
and how can they fix it
time and location survey should be done and a proper system should be maintained thus targeting those workplaces which are convenient to the volunteers both area and location wise
more involvement of volunteers in frequent RAK's would be an attraction for volunteers
their main strength is their workforce so the top level management should give priority to volunteer issues
- All the volunteers are getting converted from grass root level via executive level to corporate level hence,stay in the organization for a long time.

- Some of the volunteers are getting converted form grass root level via executive level and further to corporate level hence, not staying in the organization for a very long time
Calculation from data
Chi square(cal)=517.689
Referring to the table
Chi square (tab)=5.991
Chi square(cal) > Chi square (tab)
Hence we reject the hypothesis .
so we conclude from this statistical tool that the volunteer turnover Ratio is high, as in coordination with our findings thus proving them correct .
Chi Square Test
Z Test
-There is no significant change in the number of volunteers due to advertisement

-There is significant change in the number of volunteers due to advertisements.
Calculation from data
Referring to the Table
Therefore...................... we reject the hypothesis and conclude from this statistical tool that
Advertisements do affect the volunteers decision to join Yuva
but it cannot be ignored that the promotion through advertisements is on a very wide aspect and not form a volunteers individualistic approach which he later experiences when he actually works and then decides weather he stays or leaves......
To understand the relation between volunteers attracted through advertisements and their turnover we need to find out how many volunteers are being converted through advertisements
The Premise
The number of volunteers is assumed to be increasing since the establishment of Yuva unstoppable probably for known reasons

but is it actually happening ??
lets find out

Data from 2005-2013
year no of volunteers 3-yearly moving total average

2005 100 0

2006 180 515 171.667

2007 235 687 229

2008 272 864 288

2009 357 1037 345.67

2010 408 1215 405

2011 450 1333 444.33

2012 475 1460 486.67

2013 535 0
so it is clear that the number of volunteers per year is increasing but the number of dropouts is also increasing every year..... it is quite evident from the data....
Quantitative Analysis
year no of droupouts 3-yearly moving total average

2005 20 0

2006 30 100 33.33

2007 50 140 46.67

2008 60 185 61.67

2009 75 220 73.33

2010 85 280 93.33

2011 120 385 128.33

2012 180 505 168.33

2013 205 0
thus we conclude from this statistical tool that
The increment and drop out ratio for volunteers are both high
The NGo needs to work on the different issues as mentioned earlier to retain volunteers and keep its greatest strength all geared up
Time Series
IT helps to show the correct scenario of an organization over the passage of time.
The Questionnaire Drive
some important data from the volunteers
Q) How did you know about Yuva???
Q) Do you face issues coordinating with the authorities ?
How do u find the curriculum ?
Has the NGO been successful in making you a good leader ?
WE Conclude
Yuva in a functionally Well set organization
The volunteers at Yuva join with great vigor and enthusiasm
But its difficult to retain them there for long
Though measures are being taken but results are not seen
It can still grow positively if a few necessary steps as mentioned in the suggestions for each department are incorporated.
It has huge potential as it has the youth support
The Road AHead
Yuva Unstoppable is a well settled NGO in Ahmadabad but needs to work on its recognition Nation Wise
It needs to tap more man power from different organization that holds the youth
It needs to survey and understand the reason for a high dropout ratio and take necessary measures to deal with them
It is competing well with its competitors and as mentioned earlier it has a bright future keeping in mind its current growth


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