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Selecting a Quality Training Provider

No description

on 9 November 2018

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Transcript of Selecting a Quality Training Provider

Training Seeker

This program has been developed and produced by SELLEN
Identifying an RTO
Now you know:
What course you want to study,
How you want to study,
What support you need, and
How you want to pay.

You can now select a range of RTOs that deliver the course you want, and research them to see if they meet your other needs.
You can search for an RTO that delivers the course you want
Identify three to four RTOs
Add their names to your checklist
Contact each RTO and see if they meet your needs
Compare responses to see which RTO is best for you
Questions you need to ask
Questions to ask yourself
Why do you want to study?

What course do you want to study?

How do you best learn?

What support might you need?

How will you pay for the course?
Search: Victorian skills gateway
Yourself - to decide what you need

Prospective training providers - to see if they can provide what you need

Potential Employers - to see if they can assist in guiding you

Your networks - to see if they value what you plan to do
Key Terms
AQF - Australian Qualification Framework
HECS - Higher Education Contribution Scheme
RTO - Registered Training Organisation
TAFE - Tertiary and Further Education
TFN - Tax File Number
VCAL - Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning
VCE - Victorian Certificate of Education
VET - Vocational Education and Training

Useful Websites
To get a job
first job
new job
better job
To get into another course
To improve my language, literacy or numeracy skills
For personal development or a hobby
What course do you need to study to get the job you want?
What course do you need to study to pathway into your next course?
What level does the course need to be? (Certificate I through to an Advanced Diploma)
Do you learn better on your own, or with others.
Do you want to learn in a classroom, online or at work.
Do you require help with literacy and numeracy?
Do you speak English as a second language?
Do you need computer support or internet access?
Do you need a quiet place to study?
Do you require wheelchair access?
Do you have other needs?

Will you pay for the course yourself?
Will you utilise Skills First funding?
Will you access VET FEE Help (a loan)?
Will you do a combination of these things?
Identify your networks
Your family and friends
Family or friends of your friends
People at sporting and community groups
Business owners and potential employers
Increase case manager and worker awareness of training system, its challenges and pitfalls
Provide a structure for workers to assist training seekers in identifying courses and quality training providers
Ask if they have heard of the RTO
Do they know people that have trained with the RTO?
Have they employed people from there before?
Do they have a preferred RTO?
Questions for your Network

Why do you want to study?
What do you want to study?
How do you best learn?
What support might you need?
How will you pay for the course?
Record answers in the Training Seeker Workbook - Section One
Record the potential RTOs in the Training Seeker Workbook - Section Two
What industry do you want to work in?
Think of some local employers you would like to work for
Record their contact details
Identify potential employers
Ask if they have heard of the RTO
Have they employed graduates?
Would they employ graduates?
Are there employment opportunities in the industry?
Will the course make me more employable?
Is there anything else I could do to assist in getting job?
Questions for employers
Record their details in the TSW - Section Two
Record them in TSW - Section Four
Record them in TSW - Section Five
Record them in TSW - Section Six
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