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Vitesse Betrokken

Vitesse Betrokken in the community projects

Anouk Straatman

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Vitesse Betrokken

Founded 2007 Vitesse is rooted in the society and belongs to the region. The social responsibility of the club is translated into action through the foundation Vitesse Betrokken. Targets
Fairplay and Respect
Talent Development Present Projects
Supporters project
Dutch Career Cup
Street League
Score trough healt
Participate, Learning, Win
Special Heroes
National Sportweek
Sport foulanteer of the year
School football
Partner tournament
Project: Together one team
Sporttour Supportersproject TARGETS Social preventive Fanatics
Arnhem Youth
New Groups Primary School
Second School
High School s
s s
s ARNHEMIA 1 YEAR Dutch Career Cup 16 participants - with physic of mental disability, starting every season 30 weeks 2 times a week training Main Goal: find a job 250 participants

2 or 3 times a week we are at the club 14 teams Improve social function of Arnhemia Quality boost and bonding! SUPPORTERS PROJECT Shortening distance between supporter and club Attend supporter-board (supportersraad) Creating moments of contact with new supporters Translate gut feelings from supporters to Vitesse b.v. Advise Troubleshooting MATCHDAY

Meeting supporters in supportershome Assist at safety meeting (vvo) Proactive in communication with supporter-groups Monitoring and advising Tifosi teams Meeting supporters in- and outside stadium Crowd control Addressing negative behavior KUIJPERS VITESSE
STREETLEAGUE 3 months >150 participants 8 Tournaments neighborhood contribution Menzis Vitesse G-TROFEE 200 Participants 1 summerday In cooperation with Menzis 2007 - 2011 Scoren door Scholing
2010 Achievement: Green ball Label off Meer dan Voetbal
2010 Nominated for the Hein Roethofprijs (countrywide price) 2011 Achievement: Green Ball label for 'One team, One goal' 2011 September: Started with the Dutch Career Cup 2012 February: Won the adience award for best Club 2012 September: Started the Arnhemia project 2009: Adopted the Jongeren Toezicht Team Arnhem 2006 - 2012 Scoren voor Gezondheid 2010 - 2011 Vitesse in de wijk 4 tournaments in the Netherlands 11 parties cooperate 12-16 year Sportieftour Meedoen, Leren, Winnen Jongeren Toezicht Team Arnhem MEER DAN VOETBAL WEEK Scoren voor Gezondheid Special Heroes Inviting referees 75 participants 1 day Kids from 8-12 with different backgrounds +100 participants at tournament day 8 kids from 12 - 17 in a 8 week project cooperation with Johan Cruyff Foundation 25 boys from Arnhem south In function on matchdays round the stadium Cooperation with Rijnstad Possibilty to get a function in the stewardorganization One week in the charachter of More than football activities Target is to reach as much people as possible

Startclinic, players visiting school and a certificate 500 participants 1 day With Menzis and Onderwijsspecialisten Disabled kids get acquainted with different sports Matchday Actual theme 1200 visitors Partner Tournament 16 participating partners 1 tournament Closing the season Overall 4 major projects Over 10.000 contact moments more than 20 participating parties more than 75 activity days each season All clubs (Ere- and 1st division) are involved Reach 5 000 8 weeks between 200 and 450 kids every year (9-11)
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