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Who invented candy and what is it?

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sarah taylor

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Who invented candy and what is it?

Candy History
Scientists have changed how candy has been invented over many centuries. When candy was first invented it was made out of honey from putting a stick into a bees nest and leaving it out to dry.
Modern day candy
Now Candy is mostly made out of sugar, flavoring and water ,what scientists found work and are more tasty. There are many ways to shape candy such as putting it into molds boiling it in water and making something called sugar candy, or waiting for it to harden like they did at first.
1. What is your favourite
type of candy?

2. What candy has this
slogan "It melts in your
mouth not your hands"?

3. What were 2 original
life Saver CANDY flavors
introduced in 1921

Fun Facts
* Candy used to be called and spelled quindi pronouncing the Q sound
* Candy corn used to be called chicken feed
* Cotton candy was invented by a dentist
* The snickers name was invented by a famous horse name

Who invented candy and what is it?
Who invented candy?
Candy was not invented by 1 single person but there were actually 2 people that introduced it. The first candy they introduced was very simple( not very colorful, much variety . Now when people are making candy they are using different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.
Candy has been invented by experiments and sometimes by accident.
Thank you for listening to my presentation and hope you learned something new!!!
By: Sarah Taylor
Why is candy such a
Candy is such a craving
because because of the
sugar toxins in it cause an addiction. When people have sugary sweets sometimes it is something that they need such as someone who has low blood sugar so they will have a cookie, some cake or a piece of candy to burst up there blood sugar.
The 5 W's
Who : The 2 people that introduced candy were William Morrison and John C. Wharton

What : Made candy
called fairy floss

Where : Nashville, Tennessee USA

When : Back in 1897

Why : Experimenting for something sweet and something finally worked
( Based on the people that introduced it )
Candy experiment video!!!
This candy is edible!!!
The sugar in this video (cane sugar) is not necessary but will work a little better then normal sugar.
What is the difference between chocolate and candy?
I know alot of people who say chocolate when they talk about candy so now you will know the difference.
Chocolate: Mostly made out of beans, seeds, milk and coco powder and can either be bitter or creamy and on the other hand, candy has a sugary, sour taste to it which make it very different from each other. Chocolate is more earthy and candy has more chemicals.
Now what would you rather?
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