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Intro #2: The Scientific Method

No description

Cyd Skinner

on 22 May 2018

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Transcript of Intro #2: The Scientific Method

critical thinking
list of fallacies
explain that we cannot use this reasoning
ec. list a commonly held psych belief that is actually an example of a fallacy and explain
Folk Psychology
Your text uses the phrase 'folk psychology' to describe the anecdotes and personal opinions/experiences that we sometimes mistake for actual scientific science. Another commonly used phrase for this kind of personal opinion/bias/self aggrandizement is 'Pop Psychology.'
Dr. Phil has a genuine and fine degree in psychology, but he has spent almost all of his career working as an entertainer.
Next class, the history of Psychology
The Scientific Method
A dissertation is the piece of research someone does as the last step in earning a PhD.
It must ask and answer a question no one has asked before.
Identify a Problem
My Dissertation
To what extent is there a difference between the number of words spoken by male and female characters in popular children’s picture books?
Conduct background research
Pilot study
Literature review
Formulate hypothesis
Test the Hypothesis
Analyze Your Results
The disparity of representation in the illustrations, dialog and narration of children’s picture books is dramatic and any reasonable person could only expect it to continue if it continues to go unnoticed. While the gender disparity of 2:1 in the illustrations of popular children’s picture books is meaningful and important the far greater 5:1 disparity of the words spoken in these books may have an even more profound influence, perpetuating gender stereotypes in an unintentional but potentially very powerful way.
Report Results
Identify a problem
Conduct background research
Formulate hypothesis
Test hypothesis
Analyze results
Report results
Are picture books gender biased?
One of these is a testable hypothesis. Which one is it?
one example
Critical thinking
necessary at every step
How we
test our ideas.
(knowledge through experience)
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