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Tropical Rainforest

No description

Karina Hernandez

on 6 September 2014

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Transcript of Tropical Rainforest

By: Madeline O'Beirne, Karina Paiz-Hernandez, and Hannah Prescott Tropical Rainforest Climate The layers of the Tropical Rainforest There are 3 layers in the Tropical Rainforest
The first layer is the forest floor
The 2 layer is the understory
The 3 layer is the canopy Producers in the rain forest are found in three layers.The taller trees form the upper layer.In the second layer, trees form a canopy or a roof. Under the canopy are few shorter trees and vines, orchids and ferns. Animals and plants that live there Toucans, tree frogs, parrots, butterfly, snakes, mushrooms, monkeys, ring-tailed lemur, spiders horned frogs, tortoise beetle, jaguar, chimpanzee.

Rafflesia plant, bromeliad, orchids, mushrooms, pitcher plant, rosy periwinkles. Citations Frank, M., Jones, R., Krockover, G., Lang, M., McLeod, J., Valenta, C., & Deman, B. (2000). Science. (p. b66). Orlando: Harcourt School Publishers. The climate in the Tropical Rainforest is humid, because of all the rainfall, and it gets about 250 centimeters of rain each year round. Temperatures About the layers There Earth receives direct sunlight most of the year.
The strong sunlight and warm wet climate provides ideal growing conditions for a variety of plants.
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