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Looking For Alaska

Book report for Mr. Stone

Brianna Mendez

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Looking For Alaska

Alaska Beginning~ Main Characters Miles is a unsocial, outsider type of guy who is sixteen years old. He is the protagonist, the narrator, and the follower of the story. His hobby or interest is memorizing famous people's last words. Miles goes to a boarding school called Culver Creek in Alabama, but he is originally from Florida. In his hometown, he has no friends and no real life. At his boarding school, he meets his two best friends, Chip and Alaska. Chip strangely gives Miles the nickname "Pudge" even though Miles is very skinny and tall. He has a on-and-off crush on Alaska. With his new friends, Miles' innocence begins to disappear. Author: John Green Created by: Brianna Mendez Alaska Young Chip "The Colonel" Martin I chose Logan Lerman as Miles because he really reminded me of Miles as I was reading. Logan is skinny and tall, like Miles. Miles is also shy and innocent looking, which Logan appears to be. This picture shows the description of the character. Alaska is a seventeen year old who is wild, funny, smart, beautiful, and rebellious. She is moody and often beats her self up for not helping her mother as she was having a seizure, her father blames her for her mothers death. Alaska loves to read and has a room full of books, she calls it "Life's Library". Also she loves to prank people. She wins over Miles' heart and sometimes shows she likes him back, but she has a boyfriend named Jake. Throughout the book, Alaska brings the majority of the trouble and is the leader of the group. She is the antagonist of the story. I chose Jess Kellner from The Voice as Alaska Young. This is because when Jess sings she has this soulfulness and passion with attitude and it reminded me of Alaska's personality. Also both girls are petite but very curvy. Jess has a fun and energetic appearance which Alaska is. If i could pick a person to play Alaska, I would pick Jess Kellner. Chip is a strategic and clever seventeen old. He is Alaska's best friend and Miles' roommate. Chip is the one who gave Miles the nickname "Pudge". He is a scholarship kid at Culver Creek, but still pulls pranks on people with Alaska and his friends. Chip is nicknamed "The Colonel" because of his pranking abilities. He is short but muscular. Chip comes from a poor background, his mom lives in a trailer and his dad is a abusive alcoholic. He strongly dislikes the rich kids, or "Weekday Warriors", at his school. Chip likes to learn countries and capital cities for enjoyment. If I could choose a person to play Chip, I would choose Josh Hutcherson. This is because Josh is a funny and smart guy like Chip. Chip looks like a really short Josh. Both Chip and Josh are muscular and have brown hair. This picture shows how I pictures Chip looking like. Exposition Middle~ End~ Other..... Setting: Culver Creek Preparatory School, it is a boarding school in present-day Birmingham, Alabama.
Theme: Forgiveness, Friendship,
and life.
Introduction: The story starts off with Miles leaving his home in Florida to go to a boarding school in Alabama. There, he meets his roommate, Chip( The Colonel). Chip gives the nickname "Pudge" to Miles. Miles gets introduced to Chip's best friend, Alaska. He soon develops feelings for Alaska, but she has a boyfriend. Chip names one of their tables "COFFEE TABLE". Miles tries his first "Bufriedo", which is Chip's favorite food. Miles finally feels that he belongs with his new friends. Rising Action Miles is pulled out of bed, duct-taped, and thrown into a lake by the Weekday-Warriors.
Miles and Alaska spend Thanksgiving break together at school. He begins to like her even more.
Alaska organizes a pre-prank on the Weekday-Warriors with her friends. They send fake progress reports to the Weekday-Warriors' parents saying they failed.
Alaska shares a personal story about her mothers death and how she did nothing to stop it.
Miles, Chip, and Alaska play "Truth or Dare". Miles gets dared by Alaska to kiss her, and he did. Alaska says she's too tired and "To be continued?" to Miles.
Alaska cries and says she has to leave somewhere immediately without giving any information on what she has to do . Miles and Chip don't realize what is going on, so they doze off, and Alaska leaves. Climax The climax of the story is Alaska's death. Miles and Chip were awoken by the principal telling them to report to the gym. There, the principal announced that Alaska had died in a terrible accident. Everyone was shocked, but Miles and Chip were by far the most shocked. Miles blames himself for Alaska's death. Miles and Chip both want to know what had happened to Alaska, so they start to question what happened. Miles and Chip begin to separate as they both are hurt by what happened and don't know what to do about the situation. Falling Action Miles and Chip both become depressed. They start to not act like themselves, but still want to get to the bottom of what happened to Alaska.
They go to the police station and the police says that her death might have been a suicide.
They find out what was in her car, all the calls she received on that night, and where she was going to.
In the car was white tulips, which Alaska was going to bring to her mothers grave on the night of the "Truth or Dare" game. That night was the anniversary of her mothers death. Resolution Both Miles and Chip decide to pull one last prank, in Honor of Alaska, with the whole junior class. The prank was on all of Culver Creek. They hired a male exotic dancer to speak about sexual education and dance in front of everyone on Speaker Day. At the very end of the story, Miles began to realize that it wasn't his fault that Alaska died. He forgave himself and Alaska for dieing. Miles believes that she is somewhere beautiful. He had finally come to realize that we can never get out of this labyrinth of life. Critics Corner The End I rated this book 8 out of 10. This is because I thought it was a really good book. The way the book was written was just amazing. When I was reading I felt like I was actually in the story. The characters in the story were funny and relate able. The story line is amazing, I didn't want to stop reading once I started. If I could change one thing I would change the fact that the story only shows one point of view which is Miles'. I think that if they showed the other character's point of view it would be way more interesting than it already is. Also the author should have had more things happen before Alaska's death. The genre of the story is young adult literature and fiction. I think the author intended the audience to be the age of 14 and up, because some of the story includes things not for kids. About the Author; John Green He is an American writer of young adult fiction, educator, and a YouTube vlogger. John was born on August 24, 1977. He grew up in Orlando, Florida. John graduated from Kenyon College with a double major in English and Religious Studies in 2000. His first book was "Looking for Alaska" in 2005. He won the 2006 Printz Award for his novel "Looking for Alaska". Other Books: "An Abundance of Katherines", "Paper Towns", "Let It Snow", "Will Grayson, Will Grayson", and "The Fault in Our Stars". Favorite Part My favorite part of the story is when Miles, Alaska, Chip, and other friends go out and have a smoke. There, her friend comments on her smoking. He say to take it easy on the smoking, she responds with "Ya'll smoke to enjoy it, I smoke to die.". I love this part because to me it really shows Alaska's character. It shows her true self and I just really love the way she said this and her emotion during this time. Miles "Pudge" Halter
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