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Monday, May 16th

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Monday, May 16th

1. Introduce Adobe Voice
Have at it!
Using choir iPads, begin your project now. Make it fun, informative, and memorable.
2. Introduce Grading Rubric
Monday, May 16th
Adobe Voice - Music History Project.
Wrapping Up
Please have all your
music with you
this week. It will be collected. If a song is missing, it will be added as 'debt' on your student account and will not graduate until paid.
If you're missing a song we passed out please borrow one from a peer and make a copy.
"I never got it" is no excuse. If you were absent the day it was passed out, you were expected to get it on one of the one hundred days after. Please make up for it now by copying any you are missing : )
1. Introduce Adobe Voice
2. Introduce Grading Rubric
3. Have at it!
Collecting Music
Remaining Events
WCW HS Pops Concert Friday, 5/20. Call time is 5:30pm. Show @6pm. Volunteers needed (pass around sign-up sheet)
WCW HS Graduation on Friday, 6/3. What do I wear: white top, black bottom - formal attire. What if I'm graduating and in Singers/Sylvan Choir? Perform with the choir and then return to your seat as instructed by Mr. Rodriguez. What time? 30 minutes before start of ceremony. Is it required? Yes, for Singers/Sylvan Choir.
3rd Period: Auditions today for Director of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Accompanist needed too.
Due Wednesday, May 25th. Shown
in class on Thursday and Friday 5/26-27.
Last day to turn in tickets checked out to you and any money collected for the Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser is tomorrow, Tuesday
2017 Ireland Tour Meeting: Required for all interested in participating. If you're not sure, please come.
Wednesday, May 18th, 6:30pm in WCW HS choir room.
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