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Hero Analysis

No description

Sharayu Shrinivas

on 4 April 2017

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Transcript of Hero Analysis

Hero Analysis
Nils Bohlin
Born on July 17th, 1920 in Sweden
Had 13 grandchildren
Had a profession of a safety engineer
WWII - Space Race, Vietnam War, 9/11 all occurred during his time
Passed away on September 26th, 2002
Life Events
Started as a safety engineer in the aerospace industry
In about one year after Volvo hired him, he developed the three-point safety belt system
Appreciating the lifesaving potential of the safety belt, Volvo made the design available to all automakers without any charge
He did not know, when creating his innovation, about its tremendous lifesaving reach saving millions of lives. However, his interest and job itself was of a safety engineer, and that profession required much precision, desire to help others, and understanding of that others’ lives are on your shoulders.

Bohlin’s three-point safety belts are now mandatory equipment in many countries, and are credited for saving over 1.3 million lives
Bohlin’s innovation saves tens of thousands of lives all around the world every year
Bohlin had to use his experience with aerospace safety while keeping in mind that the users were not pilots in order to create the desired product of a three-point safety belt.

Hero Analysis
~ Sharayu
Thank You!
“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.”
~ Veronica Roth, Divergent
Title: St. George and the Dragon
Artist: Raphael
Date: 1506
Culture/Country of Origin: Italian
Medium: oil on canvas
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