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Story Element

No description

Amy Greb

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Story Element

Story Element of Frindle Amy Greb,
Mary Kate Nolan,
Amanda Wright Story Element
Setting– where and when the story takes place
Characters– people in the story
Plot– the summary of the story
Event 1– main event
Event 2– main event
Resolution– how the story ends Story Element
Frindle 5th grade classroom
Lincoln Elementary in Westfield, New Hampshire
Present day Setting Nick Allen Characters Main Character Creator of Frindle Supporting Characters Mrs. Granger challenges her 5th grade class with a question about who makes up the words in the dictonary. Nick, a curious and determined boy in the class, makes up a new word for pen and calls it, "frindle." He and his classmates start using the word. Mrs. Granger punishes Nick and demands he stop using that vocabulary. Mrs. Granger may know more than she is telling... Plot Nick invents a new word for a pen. He starts calling his pen, "frindle" and completely eliminates the word pen from his vocabulary. Soon enough, the class has joined in and everyone is calling a pen, "frindle." Event 1 Mrs. Granger Miss. Deaver Manny Janet Fisk Mrs. Granger starts to punish
Nick and the rest of the students
for using the word frindle. Event 2 The word frindle goes
world-wide and soon
everyone knows what it means. Event 3 Mrs. Granger (5th grade teacher)
Miss Deaver (3rd grade teacher)
Manny (custodian at Lincoln)
Miss Avery (3rd grade teacher)
Janet Fisk (Nick’s friend)
James Allen (Nick’s older brother) James Allen When Nick starts college, he gets a letter from a very special teacher, Mrs. Granger. She sent him a new dictionary with the word "frindle" circled in the contents. Along with that, there was a note explaining to Nick why she had to be so hard on him initially about his word.
Mrs. Granger explains that she intentionally stood against the word in order to make it more popular. Conclusion Many hard-earned accomplishments come from life's own challenges. Moral of the Story
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