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Unwind: A Hero's Journey

No description

Spencer Jones

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Unwind: A Hero's Journey

: A Hero's Journey

Spencer Jones and Michael Sapienza
The Ordinary World
Connor lives in the suburbs of Akron, Ohio. He lives with his family and gets in trouble often.
The Call to Adventure

When Connor discovers he is going to be unwound and there's nothing he can do to stop it. Him and is best friend Ariana decide to runaway with each other.
Refusal of the Call
Connor does not accept the fact that he is being unwound until he finds the papers for the conformation of his unwinding.
Meeting with the Mentor
Sonia is a mentor because she gives Connor and the other AWOLs food and shelter. The Admiral (later in the book) gives Connor helpful advice and tips.
Crossing the Threshold
Connor's main enemies that he has to watch out for are Roland and the juvey cops. Another enemy is his father.
Lev and Risa are Connor's allies. Roland, Connor's father and the Juvey-cops are his enemies.
Tests, Allies, and Enemies
The two dangerous places Connor and his allies approach are the Gravyard and Happy Jack harvest camp
The Ordeal
Connor's main challenge is to make out of Happy Jack alive. Something no one has ever done.
The Reward
Connor's reward is simply surviving the incident at Happy Jack
The Road Back
Connor goes to see the Admiral at his sons birthday party, where he puts Connor in charge of the Graveyard
Connor must take care of hundreds of unwinds at one time. Connor has learned invaluable lessons.
Return With The Elixer
Connor and Risa return to the Graveyard with the responsibility to keep hundreds of unwinds safe. He returns with everything he needs to know form the Admiral.
To be continued...
(Right Now)
Monomyth Archetypes
The Hero
The hero of this book is Connor because he is the main character, and is the one to accept the call to adventure.
The Mentors
Sonia keeps Connor and the others alive
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