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Translation technology wrap-up / Subtitling

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Claudia Koch-McQuillan

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of Translation technology wrap-up / Subtitling

Translation technology - how? Translation technology - why? Workflow
Terminology management applications
Term extraction applications
Information to include in glossaries
Use of corpora/difficulty in finding suitable texts "Case study" LETRAC translator profile comparison of essential or desirable skills (user response):
Advanced word-processing skills: 100%
Translation Memories and Terminology Management: 87%
DTP skills: 60%
Machine Translation: 40%
Practical problem solving techniques Source: Joanna Drugan, CTS, University of Leeds,
Presentation on curriculum design, 2004 Translator profile comparison of essential or desirable skills (graduate response):
Agreement on advanced word-processing skills, DTP skills
Translation Memory tools: 100%
Terminology Management tools: 95%
Machine Translation systems: >80% Workflow:
Preparation of file (text, PDF, HTML)
Term extraction
Import into CAT tool
Translation and terminology
Quality check
Export and final check in original format Terminology management:
Word, Excel, databases, CAT tools
Minimum information: SL term and TL term
Recommended information: source of information, field or client
Optional information: grammatical information, definition, image - depending on purpose The case for editing/revision Increased use of MT -> post-editing
Increased use of translation teams
Yet: time and cost pressures
Use of CAT tools Source: Ciobanu et al. (2004). Translation Memory Resources in Multiple Languages to Support E-Learning in Multiple Scenarios. http://www.leeds.ac.uk/cts/research/publications/ecolore-2004-05-ciobanu-freigang-hartley-reinke-thomas.pdf Term extraction tools
http://www.nactem.ac.uk/software/termine/#form Subtitling SBS presentation SBS video:
http://www.sbs.com.au/dateline/story/webextra/id/601061/n/Bahrain-s-Dark-Secret How do you think subtitling is different? Dialect
People talking at the same time Spoken language Technical constraints Time / fast speech, several people talking
Line length
Camera changes Linguistic issues Word play
Slang ... poetry
Dialect/local usage Cultural issues Culture-specific concepts Equivalence? PDF conversion tools
(search for "PDF conversion"
OCR tools (optical character recognition)
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