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The Blue Bead

No description

dante arruda

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of The Blue Bead

The Blue Bead
By: Prraven, Dante, Maheen, Atdhedona & Liam
Protagonist and Antagonist
The protagonist in the story is a 12 year old girl named Sibia.
The antagonist is the dearth of weatlh in her family

Sibia's character in this story is static, because she is simple throughout the story and she does not change that characteristic
Basic Summary
The Story ``The Blue Bead`` is about a young girl who lives in a poor country, she owns nothing but a rag and had wanted but a small bit of jewellery anything fancy really. She couldn`t create her own jewellery because her needle had broken.
The Blue Bead
However.... one day she had to go and work in the fields with her mother, but on her way back she comes across a woman being attacked by a crocodile, she saves the woman and finds a blue bead. she then meets back with her mother and tells her about the blue bead mentioning nothing of killing the ferocious crocodile.
The setting of the blue bead has significant importance to all the other aspects of the story keeping this in mind lets imagine sibia (the protagonist) lives in a first world country.
The theme of the blue bead is "good things come from bad situations, what goes around comes around'. For example when Sibia saved the woman from the crocodile, she found a nice blue bead that made her happy.
Point of View
Objective narrative point of view
Narrator was not a character in the story
Pronouns used in the story are : '' he", ''she" and "they"
Narrated in the Third Person
Do you believe sibia would have saved the woman if she hadn't experienced what she had in a third world country? if she had then would she really make such a big deal of the blue bead that she found?
The conflict in this shot story is the dearth of wealth is Shiba's family, as i metioned before, as the antagonist.
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