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Things need doing

No description

James Carlson

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Things need doing

Things need doing
Bucket Brigade
School Factory
Driver's License
Tax obligations
Moving into a new place
Organizing all past files
Purging shit
Getting rid of clothes

Purging shit
Assistance in the rebrand
Develop curriculum for ipad / prezi training
Create the history story incl. accomplishments
Support development of door code system
Create training materials for OpenAtrium 2.0
Transition plan for existing customers
Develop metrics / recording stats process
Develop marketing for selling hosted atrium
Return Bucket Brigade brand to Bucketworks
Organize Drive folders and eliminate duplicates, etc.
Finalize new Drupal 7 site
Send out invites for this week's call
Develop process for automating the grant / donation handling
Find someone to operate the business
Sign up for Donorpath
Develop script for Kenosha Unconference Invitation
Prep prezi for makerschool
follow up with Friess Lake on cardboard boats
Space Federation
Emergency Schools
Hacker Scouts
Dedicated Computing
GA Larson
OpenAtrium 2
Create new brand for the cloud-hosted Atrium site
Split out the collaboration hosting / consulting
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