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No description

Tristan Schulz

on 23 June 2011

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Transcript of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare The First Years Born April 1564 Warwickshire Place of Birth Building born in Baptized April 1564 Holy Trinity Church
Place of Baptism Went to Grammar School Stratford Grammar School Marriage and Children Married November 1582 Anne Hathaway Shakespeare had three children First child- Susanna 1583
Twins- Hamnet and Judith 1585 The Lost Years 1586-1592 This span of years there is no specific history of Shakespeare Some experts say that he
was on the run because he poached Rise of a Literature Legend-1592-1610 Groats-worth of Witte
Written by Robert Greene Reffered to Shakespeare as "Shake-scene" which meant he was a rising writer in London Lord Chamberlain's Men William became part of most successful acting company in London Made him very WEALTHY Allowed him to build the Globe theater He wrote more plays and essays and were enjoyed because involved humor End of Shakespeare Died March 1616 Grave Though he is dead we still read his wonderful stories that have changed American literature THE END
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