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Information Sharing Sessions: 40th SSEAYP

This is the presentation used for Information Sharing Sessions for the potential Cambodian Participating Youth of the 40th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program. Made by Mesa

Mesa Lang

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Information Sharing Sessions: 40th SSEAYP

Country Report 2013
SSEAYP International Cambodia
What is SIC?
How to become a CPY?
SSEAYP International Cambodia
Established in 2005
The official alumni association of Cambodian Participating Youth (CPY) participating in SSEAYP.
Train new CPYs and conduct social projects
The Ship for Super Eager Awesome Young People (SSEAYP)
What is SIC?
Pre-Departure Training (PDT)
National Youth Center
Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program

Carried out by the Government of Japan with the active participation and cooperation of these ten Southeast Asian countries.
Promote friendship and mutual understanding
Broaden their perspective on the world
Strengthen their motivation and ability in international and abilities in international cooperation
Progress with leadership position
Application form
28 participating youths (14 males, 14 females)
18 to 30 years old
High school graduate
Good knowledge
Writing test (June 02, 2013)
Thank for attention
Enjoy the video!!
Post Program
Prepare post program activity(ies)
Information sharing sessions
Train new CPYs
On board activities
Port of Call activities
3 months: July (Sunday), August (Sat&Sun) and Sept (everyday)

Cultural dance
Positive thinking & teambuilding
Social project
Contingent preparation
Courtesy Call
National Day Presentation
Solidarity Group
Discussion Group
Morning Exercise
Club Activity
Flag Hoisting
and More
Flag cheer
Institutional Visit
Courtesy Call
Welcome Reception + Performance

- Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand (1974)
- Brunei (1985)
- Vietnam (1996)
- Laos and Myanmar (1998)
- Cambodia (2000)
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