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Why is Art important?

A presentation for elementary & middle school art students

Lindsey Foushee

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of Why is Art important?

Is art a sculpture?
What is art?
Is art a painting?
What else is art?
You can show things you think are interesting, share your ideas, and show people how you feel.
Art can help you express yourself
How do you think Pablo Picasso wanted you to feel when you look at this picture?
Why do you think Wayne Thiebauld painted all these cakes?
What communities do you belong to?
What kinds of art do you see in the places you visit?

How might art produced in other places be different?
Art can show what is important to your community
Dancing in Thailand- graceful & meditative
Kabuki Theater in Japan- tell a story
Computer design
Irish Dancing- precise, intricate movement
African Dancing- celebration
Do you see art in school?
Do you see art in church?
Can you think of other places you see art?
Art can help teach things we think are important
The art people left behind (artifacts) can tell us about ancient cultures & civilizations.

What kinds of things are we leaving behind?
Art can show us the past
Even people who are not artists need to be creative problem-solvers to come up with new ideas,
like scientists, inventors, and engineers.

How does creativity help people with jobs like these?
Practicing art makes you more creative
Leonardo da Vinci was a famous artist, but he also invented crossbows, tanks, helicopters, machine guns, and parachutes.
Art can make you happy!
He is famous for keeping lots of notebooks of his ideas. His helicopter, for example, was thought up 400 years before the Wright Brothers could fly.
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