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Was The Neolithic Revolution Good Or Bad?

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Jason Lane

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Was The Neolithic Revolution Good Or Bad?

Jason Lane Good effects of the neolithic revolution? Bad effects of Neolithic Revolutuin Overall was the Neolithic Rovolution
good or bad? Over all I think the Neolithic Revolution was
a good thing, because with argiculture we
are able to find more recources. also with argiculture populations can grow without having to hunt and worry about if they are ging to get feed or not. was The Neolithic Revolution good or Bad? How Does The Neolithic Revolution
Effected My Life? The good effects of the neolithis revolution is that I don't have to go out and hunt for my food. Also with agriculture I am able to explore more food then I would ever would have if the neolithic revolution would not have happend. The neolithic revolution has changed my life in a big way, because of neolithic revolution, I can have an education. Also I don't need to be worried if I am going to feed or not. There are downsides also, but the possitives or weay the negatives. The bad effect of the Neolithic Revolution is the increase of population. making it harder to feed everyone. Also with agriculture in modern day most americans don't have to hunt for there own food. Causing a large amout of the population to be over weight.
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