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Web-Based Learning

No description

Stephanie Williams

on 14 April 2017

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Transcript of Web-Based Learning

Designed by Freepik; downloaded from freepik.com
By-product of Information Age

Corporate, government training

Higher Ed Institutions
Student Information Systems (SIS) versus Learning Management Systems (LMS)
The Online Learning Age
Blackboard Learn logo downloaded from dell.com partner page
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
What are they and why do we use them?
Demand, support, privacy

What options are available?
Open source
e.g.: https://moodle.org
e.g.: https://classroom.google.com
e.g.: http://www.blackboard.com
previously acquired ANGEL & WebCT, among others
Screenshot from UALR Blackboard Student Support, http://ualr.edu/blackboard
Capabilities and Limitations of LMS
Contract between LMS provider and institution

Rules for access

Support from provider and/or institution

Control over content
Situated Compositions: Web-based Learning
Beyond LMS: Using the limitless internet to facilitate learning
Created by Freepik; downloaded from freepik.com
The Limitless World Wide Web
Easier than ever to build your own site
Lots of free options
No need to know how to code

Website builders versus website design software
Online versus offline

What is web hosting?
Free versus paid, domain names

Managing content & maintaining control
My Teaching Website
The Writing Teacher Online

Dual purpose
lesson delivery; course content organizer
teaching portfolio; manage, store and maintain control over all content

Still maintain ethical use of educational materials
documentation and copyright rules

Still protect student privacy
while providing an accessible resource
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Department of Rhetoric & Writing

Adjunct English Professor
Henderson State University
Department of English, Foreign Languages, & Philosophy
Stephanie Haley Williams
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