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Kevin Meneses

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Hydrotropism

What is Hydrotropism?
Hydrotropism is when a plant’s roots move closer to water so the plant can drink and survive.

Hydrotropism by Kevin
Hydrotropism happens because the roots of the plants always try to stay in wet soil in order to avoid a drought. Hydrotropism is something that a plant needs in order to survive.
The Process of Hydrotropism
Hydrotropism helps the roots to obtain water from the soil and at the same time, participates in the establishment of the root system.
Roots of the plant are positively hydrotropic. The response of the plant's roots can be positive (towards the water) or negative (away from the water). The root cap is what senses the water and then sends signals through its body.


1. What is Hydrotropism?
2. Are roots possitive or negative to water?
3. Do plants try to stay in wet soil or hard and dried soil?
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