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No description

Sara Leuii

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Basketball

In Teams Sport our class has been taught how to play the sport Basketball. It had taken us 4 weeks to analyze and attempt all the skills and rules to the sport.
We learned how to Dribble, Chest Pass, Bounce Pass, Lay ups and Defensive stance, and moving into defensive stance. Throughout the procedure you will be able to learn what our Teams Sport Class had learned. Also to attempt every skill and analyze the terms in Basketball.
Dribble- Is to attempt to bounce the ball up and down the court to aim to shoot in the hoop or the net. Also it is important to have dribbling for it is the only way to run or walk around the court aiming to get a goal.

Step 1:Bend your knees about half way
Step 2: Feet apart (about a foot)
Step 3: Back on an slight bend
Step 4: Hands to the side of your body
Step 5: Head up straight concentrating where your walking.

You control all the tactics of these skills when you are dribbling. Here are some pictures to show you.
Chest Pass
Chest Pass- Is to attempt to pass the ball to your team mate well extending your arms and releasing the ball towards them, landing on their chest. It is very important to use chest pass when pass the ball quickly to get to the opposite goal and shoot in the hoop aiming for a goal.

Step 1:Place finger tips around on the outlines of the ball.
Step 2: Pull the ball towards, your chest with your elbows sticking out to the sides.
Step 3: Step forward with your weak foot
Step 4:Release the ball to the opposite players chest.
Step 5:Make sure that when you release the ball your thumb is facing down and your palms are facing to the side.
Bounce Pass
Bounce Pass- Is to attempt to pass a ball to the opposite player by bouncing it on the floor. Bounce pass is a extra way to pass the basket ball to your team mate without giving an intercept with a chess pass. It is also handy you a blocked with the ball so it would be more likely to use a bounce pass in need

Step 1: Place your fingers on the basket ball
Step 2: Face your body to where your passing it to.
Step 3:Step with your weak foot
Step 4: Aim to bounce the ball a foot before the opposite player
Step 5:Release the ball with the same tactics with the chest pass. Thumbs pointing down and palms facing out.
Defensive stance
Defensive Stance- Is to attempt to defend in a stance to defend your opponent, with the following steps. It is important to have a defensive stance, for it pressure and defends your goal and your opponent from shooting.

Step 1:Bend your knees
Step 2:Feet wide
Step 3:Arm in the air blocking from shooting
Step 4:Other arm to the side defending the dribble
Step 5:Eyes focused on opposite players movement.

Here are some images help you analyze every step and skill.
Moving in Defense
Moving in Defense-Is to attempt to move in motion of defensive stance. It is important to move in with defensive stance. Moving your arms and legs around is important for you pressure your opponents movement and stopping them from shooting or getting a goal.

Step 1:Moving in your defensive stance
Step 2:Move your arms up or out to block from shooting or dribbling.
Step 3:Move your feet quickly focusing on the opponents movement.
Step 4:Don't lose contact with your opponent
Step 5: Pressure the opposite player
Jump Shot
Jump shot- Is to attempt to shoot a basketball by jump or using the stance of shooting a ball and aiming straight into the hoop or net. It is very important to jump shot in need to shoot for example 3 pointer shot would be used of a jump shot.

Step 1:Bend your knees and feet apart
Step 2:Your hand placement is one hand on the side of the ball and the other on the top.
Step 3:Lift your arms straight pointing to the roof or ceiling
Step 4:Bend down low and push off the ground while flicking your hand with your wrist
Step 5:Release the ball towards the hoop and end with a small jump.
Lay Up
Lay Up- Is to attempt to take shot when a player enters the key and takes two or three steps and lifts one leg to release the ball and rebound it and into the hoops.

Step 1:Enter in the key with a step of your strong leg and weak
Step 2:Lift your opposite leg that's facing the hoop upwards
Step 3:Stretch your arm and release the ball
Step 4:Hit corner of the square behind the hoop
Step 5:The ball will rebound and fall in the hoop.
Basketball is a great sport for fitness, energy and having fun. It has come a long way from origin and has passed down from generations to generations and our Teams Sport class were taught this great sport and so have you. Thank you for reading these slides.


Pictures from google
Most information is from my book and knowledge from previous lessons. Thank You
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