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tribal prezi

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Branden scheel

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of tribal prezi

EFE Tribal Background and traditions Since the Stone Ages, these native hunter-gatherers have been in
Africa's rainforests.Efe pygmies have been known as the first
inhabitants of the African rain forest. They hunt and gather and
have been for generations.
They are well adapted to the rain forest
and most of their food comes from there. They use its products for trading for food and labor. It is unlikely they could live without the forest. Life of the Efe population 20,000 is the rough population of the Efe. Languages Bambuti language is not very common but this is spoken within the Efe and the Mbuti tribes. The Efe fashion their own nets from vines, and make belt pouches, baskets, and mats from grasses. They make stools and chairs from sticks and branches. Traditions They enjoy singing and dancing, especially on nights where the moon is bright. They stomp on the ground or on hollow logs. If they can, they borrow drums from their villager hosts. more fun rites of passage In former times, girls went through initiation, the elima, but this practice has fallen away, this was the mark of the girl coming of age by the first sight of menstrual blood.
Boys are starting to attend a village circumcision school or the nkumbi which is held every three or four years. The boys leave their parents for several months and live in close association with the village boys, who are their hosts. They are circumcised together. There are no religious ties to it but the cultural connection is this is a boy becoming a man.
Bibliography Efe woman dances http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ef%C3%A9_people
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