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CISD Solves

No description

Tammy Zunker

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of CISD Solves

CISD Solves
At-Risk in Mathematics 1st-6th

Tier I Best Practices:
CISD Solves Structure
Small flexible grouping
6 weeks of documentation prior to RtI Decision Point Meeting

Online - View-It (instructions included)
Typed - Excel Document (included)
Written - Form (included)
Campus Decisions
Above 70% on STAAR, failed benchmark
Documentation storage (now)
Monitor decisions
Tier I Best Practices include Differentiated Instruction for ALL Students.
Raw Score Phase In Conversions
"Take- Aways"
Students start fresh yearly
Below 70% on STAAR is non-negotiable
Documentation non-negotiable
Tier I Best Practices prior to RtI non-negotiable

Accountable to ALL CISD Students
New Accountability System
Index I, II, III
Distinquished Distinctions
STAAR Phase-In
Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Level III
1st Grade
AIPs created /Documentation Begins
MOY - January 21st
EOY - June 2nd
Parent Letters available for editing in First Class
2nd & 3rd Grade
AIPs created / Documentation Begins
BOY - November 18th
MOY - March 24th
EOY - June 2nd
Parent Letters available for editing in First Class
4th, 5th, & 6th Grade
September 20th - monitor list created / Documentation Begins
AIPs created / Documentation Begins
BOY -November 18th
MOY - Mar. 5th (grade 5) - Mar. 24th (grades 4 & 6)
EOY - June 2nd
Parent Letters available for editing in First Class
All Paperwork available in Moodle (passkey: ami) & First Class
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