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branding for nonprofits

No description

Lorraine Kalal

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of branding for nonprofits

What is a brand?
What you promise to do. Why would you ever need a brand? So that people know who you are, what you are passionate about.

People like donors, employees, the folks you serve, the press, the public. You don't realize it, but you know alot of promises, alot of brands... like What does Honda promise?

What does Rolex promise?


Ford trucks? Ask three questions What problem(s) are you passionate to solve? So, who cares? The people who share your passion to fix something and like how you solve the problem. YOU Your donors Your customers Your stakeholders (say, what?)

People who have an interest in what you promise, like:
Those you serve
Board members
Anyone who will intersect with what you do Your brand says Hey! We're on the same page.

Come join us!

Enjoy what we offer! So, how do you communicate your brand? Lots of ways

* in your tag line (a catchy sentence)
* your so-called elevator speech (a pointed paragraph)
* through your product or services
* how you go about what you do
* the feeling people get when they donate or use your product
* what people say about you - they spread the brand
* advertisements
* just about every and any form of communication What now? Let's get started with those 3 questions about:

Passion, Plan, Promise What's your plan for solving these problems? How do you (or will you) go about addressing these issues? What's different about how you solve these problems (versus others who have a similar passion)? How do you promise to uniquely go about addressing the issues you are passionate about? Q. 1 - Passion Q. 2 - Plan Q. 3 - Promise The sweet spot's where it all happens When your passion intersects with the passions (and needs) of your stakeholders, you'll get
people who support you! Before you finalize your brand statements, you have to make sure your stakeholders get your message.

Once you've brainstormed a few ideas, run them by your stakeholders. Ask them what they think you mean.

Then ask if they are passionate about the same thing.

Keep adjusting til you hear "You, too? I thought I was the only one." or "That's exactly what I want!" By the way, in my opinion,

your passion is akin to your vision - what you are passionate to fix for others, the mark you want to leave - and

your brand promise is similar to your mission - how you are uniquely going to address the issues you are passionate about. Something to think about So, how do you figure out what to promise?
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