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PLP: The 5 Capabilities

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Link Le

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of PLP: The 5 Capabilities

Development The Five Capabilities Citizenship Learning Work Communication Communication is the act of passing on purposeful information. Good communication helps everyone to clearly understand each other. Communicating with a variety of different people is good practise for developing the communication capability. Learning different ways of communicating would be very useful when responding to other people's preferred ways of communication is needed. Personal Development includes building up self-confidence, being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses and exploring ways to improve on certain areas. From identifying your own strengths and weaknesses, you would be able to come up with useful strategies that would help you achieve your goals. Improving social abilities and learning about the factors that contribute to personal health and well-being helps a person to fulfill their aspirations and have a healthy life. Citizenship is the effort and work that a person puts into improving their community and the life of other citizens. Participating in economic events, sporting and recreational activities, performing public service, doing volunteer work, and many more are ways a citizen can contribute to their community. Learning about, understanding and respecting the different cultural backgrounds of other citizens is another way to developing the citizenship's capability. Learning is the act of gaining and adjusting existing knowledge, skills, behaviours, values
or preferences. Reviewing on the current skills and knowledge that you have will allow you to identify the skills and knowledge that you have yet to learn so you can then proceed to learn them. Being able to demonstrate your full understanding of something that you have learnt shows successful development of the learning capability. Developing the work capability includes increasing employability skills, reflecting on possible future career choices and experiencing workplace learning. Participating in work experience helps to build up employability skills that a student needs for their future. It also helps them decide on a suitable career path that they are happy with. Taking up extra courses to learn about the rights and obligations of workers is also very useful. Knowing about the changing of nature in various workplaces gives the student an idea of what skills are needed for their chosen career.
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