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Octeber Sky Experimental Design

No description

Dakari Anderson

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Octeber Sky Experimental Design

Statement of Problem He is trying to fix the combustion chamber. Hypothesis When I use gasoline, it will make the rocket fly Independant Variable The Fuel Type Dependant Variable Rocket going up. constant The Nose Cone Standard of Comparison Snakeroot which was a flat and long piece of land and the weather which was usually calm with each launch. material and procedures OCTOBER SKY EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN
BY: Dakari Anderson
2nd block Nose cone
Two wings
Cylinder body
Alcohol qualitative observations
and results It has a smooth clyinder body. possible experimental errors When his father threw his
material outside, it may have
damaged it. The weather might not have
been the same each day. analysis and interpretation
of results After many trials, errors, and
corrections it seems that gasoline
isnt the best ,and it is better to
use alcohol. Conclusion In conclusion, gasoline is to unstable and alcohol is the better choice to use. It is more stable and will fix the combustion chamber. quantitative results
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