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Mrs. Arslanian -- Period 7

Jessica Bras

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Brazil

Celebrities From Brazil
Michel Telo, 32
Brazil's Top Attractions
Fernando de Noronha-
A beautiful island with clear blue beach waters. It is located off the northern cost of Brazil.
Iguazu Falls-
If you are looking for more of Brazil's natural beauty you have to go here. It's located on the boarder between Brazil and Argentina. It has over 27 falls and one of the biggest ones reaches a height of 82 meters.
Christ the Redeemer-
This is one of the places you can not miss it's famous for the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro located over 700 meters in height in Corcovado Mountain.
Brazil is number one when it comes down to music.

It has a variety of different regional music styles like African, European, and Amerindian.
To name a few there music includes
-Bossa Nova
-Brazilian Rock
Want to try something new? Do you love food?

This is what I suggest you should eat from Brazil.

Start off with Pão de Queijo, which is little rolls of bread with cheese backed into it. Then you can start the main dish with Rice add Feijoada, which is a black bean stew with various types of beef and sausage and on top of that you can add Farofa which is fried cassava flour, it includes eggs,bacon, and other add-ons. Finally you can finish off with a great dessert called Brigadeiro which is chocolate truffels made with condensed milk instead of cream and covered in chocolate sprinkles.


I'm pretty sure you know what dance Brazil is known for if not here they are!!

-Samba de Gafieira
-Samba no Pe
"Brazil is where the party first originated"
By: Jessica Bras, Lissette Kamody,
Jaya Launer, & Camila Silva

Brazilian food
Four days before Ash Wednesday,
2014 date 28 February – 4 March
Related to Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day, Lent, Carnival
Carnaval Drum Queens are essentially muses that parade in a highlighted fashion, in front of every Drum Section within a samba-school in Brazil´s Carnaval.
Bahia Carnival, Salvador (City in Brazil)
This one takes place between the 23rd and the 28th of February and is probably the second largest of Brazil’s festivals.
In 2014, Brazil will host the long-awaited Soccer World Cup. This will be Brazil’s moment to show the world what it can do. Not only in terms of our athletic abilities, but especially our ability to host major international events.
Brazil team at World Cup 2010
Enjoy the Summer or Heat?
Then come on down to Brazil its Summer year around and apart from the heat we have nice rain falls that are sure to cool you off.
When most people think of Brazil they think of sports! Since of Brazils climate, sports are played year round!

Brazils most popular sport is soccer (football) and they'll me hosting the world cup soon!
Another popular sport is capoeira and footvolley!
Xuxa, 50
Tv Actress
Soccer Player
Adriana Lima, 32
VS Model & Actress
Francisco Lachowski, 22
Anderson Silva, 38
MMA Fighter
Come visit us for Carnival!
Our most popular festival happens once a year right after Lent.
Most people associate the fun times crowded streets and dancing with Rio, but the Carnival happens all throughout Brazil!
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