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NCGS Leadership Retreat at the Grand Canyon

No description

Grand Classroom

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of NCGS Leadership Retreat at the Grand Canyon

NCGS Leadership Retreat at the Grand Canyon

Day Three: Team Unity
Leadership Activities:

Trust walk to Mather Point
What qualities create team unity? How can you foster unity among group members here and at home?

Hike leaders on South Kaibab Trail (1.5 miles)

Unity: A Native American Perspective (Hopi Creation Story)

Inspirational Women at the Grand Canyon NP
June 18 - June 22 2016

Day One: Leadership Styles
Day Four: How Others
Perceive Us
Lava tubes hike

Montezuma's Castle (Native American ruins)

Flight home
in partnership

Arrive in Phoenix

Swim at Slide Rock State Park

Check into Springhill Suites
in Flagstaff, AZ--your luxurious
home for the retreat
Afternoon Leadership Activities:

Group Icebreakers

Leadership Skills Bracelets--what quality/skill is most important for leadership? Girls will exchange bracelets when skills are enacted.

Leadership Styles Exercise:

What kind of leader are you?
A driver?
A relationship master?
An analyst--architect?
A spontaneous motivator?

How can you best combine each of these styles to be a more effective leader?
Evening Leadership Meeting:
Inspirational woman of the American Southwest--how she achieved her goals through action steps

Southwest Map--mapping our route and your action steps

What is your main goal for the retreat? What action steps do you plan to take to reach this goal?

Day 1 Wrap up:

What was the
part of today?
action steps
do you plan to take tomorrow?
What leadership
did you see enacted today? Exchange your bracelet with the girl who best enacted the skill/quality on your bracelet.
What are our
for tomorrow?
Evening One: Goal Setting
The Grand Canyon
Rock Climbing at Indoor Gym
Tour Antelope Canyon with a Navajo guide

Take a float trip on the Colorado River through Marble Canyon
Leadership Activities:

3 Things in Common activity in pairs and in large groups
The benefits and problems associated with each type of communication
Communicating via email vs. phone vs. face-to-face
Communicating during conflict

Evening Two:
Leadership Activities:
Inspirational Woman of the Southwest
Analysis of her campaign poster--
How does it communicate effectively?
Verbal vs. visual communication
Gender & communication
Girls will run BASE Camp
Visit Sunset Volcano Crater
& Wupatki National Monuments
Leadership Activitity:

"How Others Perceive Us" Cards: Each girl receives the name of another team member; she will write this girl a letter describing her most positive qualities. Letters will be exchanged at the evening meeting.
Leadership Activities:

Post Card to Yourself:

What did you learn on the retreat? How will you pay it forward at home/school? (Post cards will be mailed to you in 6 months)


moment of trip
A: Acknowledgments
of individual team members, teachers, and guides
S: Skills
--final bracelet exchange & most important skill you learned
E: Expectations
for home/school based on retreat
Evening Three:
Leadership Activities:
Team Names and Goals for Climbing Gym
Inspirational female climber from the Southwest
Girls will run BASE Camp at Climbing Gym
Day 5: Paying it Forward

Leadership Activities:

Exchange of "How Others Perceive Us" cards

How did receiving the letter change your self-perception?

"Envisioning Your Best Self"--create a photo frame card that reflects your best qualities

Inspirational Women of the Southwest

What challenges to self-esteem did they face and how did they overcome them?

Girls will run BASE Camp
Day 2:
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