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Get onboard

No description

Jakob Muusmann

on 5 August 2015

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Transcript of Get onboard

Getting onboard
Develop the educational environment for the primary schools of the future, using the beacon technology.
Create a tool that allows students to create interactive learning environments everywhere!
The students will be both designers and users.
Big data
The Beacontime vision
iOS Functional requirement specification (MoSCoW-method)

Must have
Each group of students have their own colour identity linked to the Beacon-identifier on the backend.
Setup assignment in relation to beacon.
Offline mode, where content will be stored on device. Auto synchronisation when in online mode again.
Sound notification/ vibration/ Ping when in range of beacon.
Ability to set-up assignments in the three different range modes possible with the iBeacon framework.
Ability to edit and delete assignments.
Ability to add pictures from the picture library on iOS device.
Multiple choice feature. Fx the responding group has to make a correct answer before they can proceed to towards the iBeacon. When correctly answered the app will tell and the game goes on.

Should have

Could have
Ability to record sound/ memo

Would have
GPS map functionality where hotspots can be marked out.

Drupal Functional requirement specification (MoSCoW-method)

Must have
Teacher admin can create groups of students defined by a colour and associate students to these groups.
User permisssion/ administration
Super-admin can add beacons to the backend.
Teacher can create student profiles.
Ability to setup assignments in the three different range modes possible with the iBeacon framework.
Ability to edit and delete assignments.
Rest API so that app can access and add beacon content

Should have

Could have
Danish students do generally have good it skills, but they are not great at searching the net for sources and applying critique to the sources they use.
The reports found that the majority digital learning products use repetitive learning, formalised learning, yes or no anwers, multiple choice answers.
Students sit on their own and do not cooperate with other students.
The products don´t encourage the students to get out of the classroom
Measurement of the use of digital learning resources, a study of danish primary school students IT-literacy.

The new primary school reform
The school should open itself more to the surrounding world
Students learn to create assignments for other students.
Students learn source critique from the 5 th grade.
Students learn to become authors of multimedia products.
Development fund for digital learning materials
Support for industry to come up with new innovative learning materials that support the goals of the new school reform.
We received support for prototype development
We aim at applying for market development this autumn
ICILS 2013, international study incl. ICILS 2013, international study 20 countries across the globe of students IT-literacy in primary school level
The market

Our current goal!
Studies into primary school students IT-literacy skills
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