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Ashwin Mathur

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Arabidopsis

The Effect of Increasing Nickel in Arabidopsis Thaliana
IV- Nickel (adding 526 mg of nickel sulfate to 250 ml of water)
According to University of Florida- additional nickel reduces plant lifespan
Mutant plants developed significantly slower than the wild plants (Removal of AADL Gene)
AADL Gene involves the production of flavonoids (UV protective compounds)
Hypothesis-If the Nickel solution is added to the plants, then it will reduce the lifespan of the plants
Hypothesis- If the Nickel solution is added to the plants, then it will reduce the life-span of the plants
By Ashwin Mathur, Andrew Yang, and Maxwell Kim

Period 3 Obringer, February 14, 2014
Group: #yolosweg
Bolt Height
Number of Leaves
Rosette Diameter
Not enough trials
Solution impurities
Inability to monitor plants regularly
Soil Composition
Air Quality
Water Quality & Composition
Graph Making & Data Recording
Having repeated trials
More than one of each plant type
Consistent recording of data
Enclosed environment
Bolt Date
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