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sara kazimi

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Discrimination

By: Sara.K, Sehansi and Katherine
Price discrimination to low-income Families
Low-income discrimination
Discrimination Against Girls and Women
Social issue: Discrimination
1. Low income families

2. Girls/Women

3. Disabled people
Housing discrimination to low-income families
Disabled people
Discriminated Disable people
Most people discriminate other based on the physical ability of their body, especially against people with disabilities and there only solution sometimes in life is to suicide , some are abused

* Physical
* sexually
Source 1
: Article

The article describes about the discrimination against girls and women in July 2014 Canada.
It include the representation of women in the Canadian government, government policies that affect women such as national child care, and female judges in Canada

In America, city Philadelphia
In two-story row houses called "The Garden"
1,600people lived there
Two-thirds black and Hispanic(spanish langugge people)
A lot of them were low-income families
the Government destroyed The Garden and replaced with them with 520 market-priced apartments and townhouse
260 families had to move out
Many had to relocate from the town
70 remain
The large store that sells good at discount prices don't want to open their store in low income neighborhoods
Instead small food store take advantage of captive customers by charging higher prices
How it related to the book:
It relates to the book when the big cities people don't open stores in the fringes because they didn't think the fringes people need food and that's why they are starving in the fringes and the are poor and thieving. It relates how the fringes people lived in the fringes and where all poor because they lived in the tents and that big cities people didn't look at them as human how needs a house.
Low-income people are people that don't have money because they most likely don't have an education ex:
Person that drops out off high school
Immigrants with out languages skills who can't get a job
Unwed teenage mothers with out education or drops out from high school and without family support
One-third high school student drops out or can't finished in four year period
Most of them are girls
Source 2
: Book (Discrimination Against
Women: Prevalence, Consequences, Remedies by Elizabeth A. Klonoff )
* About 300,000 disabled people are stuck on housing waiting lists across the UK, forced to make do in accommodation that does not meet their needs, according to a charity report.

* The charity wants the government to make housing developers build all new homes so they are easy to adapt (so-called “lifetime homes”) if a resident was to become disabled, and for 10% of large developments to be fully wheelchair accessible so that disabled people can live independently and pursue job opportunities across the country.
source 1: Article
website http://www.theguardian.com/
This book provides how sexist discrimination causes symptoms in women.
Presents experiential analysis that document the existence of discrimination and its effect on women in health care system and employment
It also describe the individual, societal, and legal remedies for sex discrimination.
Source 3:

Movie ( She's The Man)
This story is pretty much based on a play call Twelfth Night by Williams Shakespeare.
In the story, when Viola's (The main character's) twin brother decides to ditch college for a couple weeks in London, Viola disguises herself as her brother because she wants to join the boys team, but they do not allow girls.
Source 2: video
How My Topic Relates to The Chrysalids
*This video is about discriminating other by the way they look and knowing that out side there are people who are willing to help you and give you a hand when you need it.
In Wuknuk, women are subjected to very strict rules and laws. Men are entitled to disown their wives after conceiving three deviant infants and have automatic control over them.As per the generally primitive attitude to biology, any woman who gives birth to three deformed or mutated children in a row may be sent away by her husband or, remove their womb.
Discrimination Against Disabled People
Source 3 :Article
Website : http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=mih&AN=93442943&lang=en-ca&site=src-can
The article discussed include Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination on the basis of disabilities in air travel, violation of the Air Carrier Access Act and guidelines for airlines to make websites which is accessible for disabled people.
The article also mentions that the rule excludes travel agent sites and mobile websites.
How My Topic Related to The Chrysalids
Is that they treat people differently and they sterilize them and put them in the fringes.
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