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No description

america contreras

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of pediatrician

Overview of Job Duties
public health agencies
government agencies
educational institutions
Educational Requirements
bachelor's degree
some graduate degrees
sub-specialties / fellowship after the residency program
Medical School
First two years
Basics of Medical Science : anatomy, biochemistry, law, ethics, microbiology, and physiology
communicate/ interview patients
medical histories
perform physical exams
recognize symptoms/illness
medical school
Education Requirements
successfully complete math and science
high GPA & MCAT ( 7 1/2 hours )

Last two years
apply your classroom knowledge to art of the patient care
rotate through medical specialties
electives in ares of special interest

Address: 8447 TX-47, Bryan, TX 77807
2 hours 50 minutes
SAT score: 1200
ACT : 26
Undergraduate: instate $4,620
out-of-state: $13,920

license/ certification

residency last from 2 to 5 yrs. after medical school
pass the specialty board exam & the physician may enter practice as a board-certified member
expected annual income
annual :$55,000-$224,000
hourly: $27-$109
***life-long commitment to learning
Skills Needed
communication skills
manage oneself , time, and things
reason and problem solver
work well with others
By: America Contreras
4th period
H.o.t. JOBS
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